Coastsider Calendar BETA

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Thu, January 1, 2004

We’ve moved Coastsider’s calendars to Google Calendar.  This will give us a bunch of advantages. You will be able to subscribe to Coastsider’s calendars more easily in iCal, your RSS reader, or your own Google calendar.

There’s a lot more detail on our entries. Click on entries to see the detail. Experiment with the links to see what happens. You have a lot of control over how the calendar is displayed on Coastsider’s pages. Click on the links in the calendar header to see what you can do. You can take advantage of Google Calendar’s other features to add individual events to your own calendar or schedule reminders of particular events.

Soon, we will be able to integrate your organization’s calendar into Coastsider’s calendars. This means you’ll be able to update your own events on Coastsider’s pages by yourself.

We’re still working on updating the calendar, so please check all events with the organizer.

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