Looking for Salmon: there’s an App for that

Joe Falcone
Check FishLine to see when Salmon is available and then look for the boats
posted by Joe Falcone
Sun, June 15, 2014
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King Salmon season is upon us again and with it the question of whether there is salmon to be had at Pillar Point Harbor on any particular day.  FishLine is now entering it’s third season of providing real-time information on the availability of all fresh seafood at Pillar Point Harbor and now 11 other Pacific coast ports from San Diego to Fort Bragg.

Check out the FishLine app at http://FishLine.me and FishLine Web at http://FishLineApp.com.

Phondini Partners also worked with HMB Media to produce an entertaining new video for Salmon season available at http://bit.ly/salvid

Follow the FishLine Channel on Facebook at http://fb.com/FishLineApp.

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