Welcome to Coastsider

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Wed, January 28, 2004

Welcome to Coastsider, a new web site for the San Mateo county coastside community. Our goal is to create a place where you can go to find out what’s happening now in this amazing community, dig deeper into topics that interest you, and discuss these things with your fellow residents.

The site is very open and it costs nothing to become a member. And you don’t have to join to use the site.

Once you become a member, you can comment on stories on the site, or submit your own stories. Coastsider would be impossible without submissions by readers. Stories are grouped in the broad categories of Business, Community, Government, and Recreation. All stories also show up on the home page when they are created.

We’re building a collection of pages, called Coastsider Guide, that are both directories to local web sites and guides to coastside life. This would be a good place to start if you’re looking to find information or resources on a topic.

Coastsider’s classified system is easy to use, and it’s free.

Finally, Coastsider’s calendar will tell you what’s coming up this month.

If you have any comments or questions you want to share with the Coastsider community, you can add them to this story.