3rd Smaller Quake in Pacifica area 1.2


Posted by on Mon, April 18, 2011

Yet another quake SE of Pacifica registering a 1.2 at approximately 3:28 PM.

Now a 2.4 at 4:55pm.  Anyone know how common it is to have a string like this?

String?  Check out what’s been happening just over the CA border in Nevada.  Talk about a string!...ten magnitude 4.x in the past week.  As for this afternoon’s events around here…it is nothing unusual…of course, last month’s 9.0 in Japan was preceded by a 7.4, so I suppose it’s possible that today’s 3.7 is just the warning shot for next week’s 6.5, or maybe it’ll happen before you finish reading thi…

I guess one thing to note is that today’s events were all deeper than average, but still within the known limits of seismicity along the SAF in this area.  Make of that what you wi…