Accident between car and cyclist has closed Hwy 1 southbound at Devil’s Slide


Posted by on Wed, March 17, 2010

UPDATE: Devil’s Slide has been reopened in both directions.

A car has struck a cyclist on Highway 1 on Devil’s Slide , just north of Montara State Beach around 5:30pm. The southbound lane of the highway is closed at Devil’s Slide, just north of Montara State Beach.

Any word on how the bicyclist is doing?

“Any word on how the bicyclist is doing?”

Here you go… your updates can be found here:

but, perhaps you don’t care if the car, after hitting a reckless cyclist (for the sake of assume, which I assume you are doing, as is Barry) swerved off the road.

Unfortunate, but I sense a VERY suspicious rush to point out a traffic situation involving a cyclist/pedestrian.\ vs, the road just being closed. Granted, Coastsider has coverded ‘some’ roadside incidents… but the title choice reeks of biasm, given the last 5 or 6 incidents on Hwy 1/Slide uncovered here, and closures thereof ...

You might want to compare the headline on with this one:

Seems to me they are pretty much the same “who what when where” with nobody grinding axes.


When you put everything suspect to you under the umbrella of a “bogeyism,” this is what you get.