Album: Cunha Band at the Pumpkin Festival

Posted by on Sun, October 15, 2006

Juliette Arnold
Juliette Arnold sent us a link to her album on Snapfish of photos of the Cunha Band at the Pumpkin Festival. You will need to have or create a Snapfish account, but it's a good service and worth doing. You can order prints from the site.

Snapfish is great but it requires a log-in to view photos.  Shutterfly and Kodak Easy Share Gallery let’s you view and share photos for free and does not require you to register to view photos. 

Oh, and I should say I work at Shutterfly.  I have used snapfish and have purchased a few of their products but it still bothers me that they require a log in to view shared photos. 

Sorry, just had to share.  (pun intended) :-)

Thanks for sharing the pictures.