Bob Ptacek is running for CUSD as a write-in candidate

Posted by on Mon, October 30, 2006

Bob Ptacek has declared his candidacy for the board of the Cabrillo Unified School District as a write-in candidate.  Ptacek, a member of the Montara Water and Sanitary District board, is the only candidate in San Mateo county to complete the paperwork to be recognized as a write-in cadidate.

In an email, Ptacek told me: "The reason for running is mainly because I heard folks talk about not exercising all of their 3 eligible votes, And coming from behind the iron curtain (East Berlin), that went against every fiber of by belief system. So I signed up."

Ptacek will be at tonight’s CUSD candidate forum and we have requested more information about his candidacy, which we’ll make available later this week.

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Wed, November 1, 2006 6:44pm
Carl May
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So, is there a specific format in which Bob’s name must be written-in for the vote to count?

Carl May

I found “B. Robert Ptacek” on the “Roster of Qualified Candidates - Local Offices Gubernetorial General Election Tuesday November 7,2006,
Update Saturday October 21,2006(12:22 PM)”

link is

Can also be accessed from county elections web site
scroll down “VIRTUAL ELECTION CENTER” select “SMC County Roster”.

I am not affiliated with Bob Ptacek’s campaign for CUSD.

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Mon, November 6, 2006 9:01am
Bob Ptacek
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Per the elections office, a reasonable resemblance to “Bob Ptacek” will count. Some misspelling is expected in write in campaigns’. So if the intent of the write-in can be determined, it will count as a write in vote.