Caltrans repair of slumping road on Devil’s Slide is a temporary fix

Why wait till Wednesday?

Posted by on Wed, March 29, 2006

Coastsiders who use Devil’s Slide have noticed for a couple of days that the road has developed a decided dip in the northbound lane above Shamrock Ranch, just before you get to Linda Mar in Pacifica.

Wednesday, Caltrans set up one-way traffic control so they could make temporary repairs at the site. Caltrans says that motorists can expect one-way traffic closures until April 5 as Caltrans works in the area:

Crews will be drilling two 80 feet deep holes, installing 2.5-inch diameter plastic casing and lowering sensitive measuring instruments into the tubes to determine the depth at which the slide is occurring.  The slide plane depth is needed to design a permanent repair that will prevent future problems.


Now the Slide itself is closed.

Both lanes showed longitudinal cracks earlier today, open to about 4”. 

Caltrans was on scene checking things out.

As of 7PM tonight, the road is closed with the ominous message from CHP: “6:39PM ^^HAVE TMC ISSUE ADVISORY - UNK DURATION FOR SLIDE ON THIS *** GROUND BENEATH ROADWAY IS GIVING WAY”