Caltrans will hold next public update in Pacifica on May 10 

Posted by on Sat, May 6, 2006

Caltrans will make a presentation about Devil’s Slide repair work at a public meeting in Pacifica, next Wednesday, May 10,  from 6:00pm to 7:30pm in the Pacifica City Council Chambers, 2212 Beach Boulevard [map].

Why Pacifica?  Is it just me or would it make more sense for Caltrans to have this meeting in one of the many communities that are dramatically impacted by the Hwy 1 closure?  I hope someone at Caltrans sees the light and thinks it would make more sense to have this meeting in Half Moon Bay and not Pacifica.  On the other hand, it could be they just do not want to fight the traffic on Hwy 92 at that time of day.

Jack L.

What a great location to choose!  Why it only takes 1 hour (at least to get to Pacifica).  So conventient for the Coastsiders to attend! And it will help with traffic on 92 for all those who want to attend. Pacifica is so heavily impacted by the the Slide being closed.  Last time I was in Linda Mar the traffic was practically non existent!  Great choice Caltrans!????  What else can I say?

CalTrans has taken over Devil’s Slide and set up a security perimeter of miles.  I am clueless as to who they are accountable to.  A month into it,
there isn’t even a plan(see the question and response at the end of the May 4 update on their website).

It’s stopped raining.  Movement is minimal.  The sensors worked in April.  Nobody went over the edge in April.  Nobody even bottomed out in April.
According to Caltran’s own statements, the 1995 repairs achieved their goals. It would appear fairly straight forward: Clean out the drains, dump some gravel in the depressions, throw some asphalt on top, restripe it, reinstrurment it, haul all the politicos and press out for a ribbon cutting and we can all take our chances like we have been for the previous ten years.  This could be accomplished in two weeks, if the political will was there to do it.  Instead it’s CalTrans intent to take 10% of the remaining lifetime of the roadway to play with it and no one seems intent on holding them accountable.

A suggestion that was stated to me on the dog walk this am:  Is to have 92 one way both lanes from 6am to 8am & 3:30pm to 7:30 pm. The CHP could lead the lane that is going the wrong way in the am & pm, also have it well posted that traffic will be going east in both lanes in the am & in both lanes going west in the pm. Sounds simple but… would certainly move the traffic, at least worth a try. Tired all the time getting up at 4:30am 5 days/wk & even on the wknds as I can’t sleep late. Traffic is just going to get worse over the summer.

It’s not just you, I totally agree. Why on earth aren’t they having it near HMB? Maybe they DON’T want to fight the traffic…and maybe they should have to!

Why not one way on 92? In one word “commerce”. Perhaps you don’t realize how many trucks come West in the morning and likewise go East in the evening. Some are for the agricultural industry, some are making customer deliveries (ie Safeway,Albertson’s,etc.)some are for the dump, the quarry, contractors for many services, etc, etc. To shut down this traffic for two hours would require a tremendous amount of shuffling of schedules by many, many different companies, IF it could even be accommodated. They have schedules also and the domino effect of DAILY delaying access for two hours or so in the morning & afternoon could have an enormous impact on industry and residents here on the coast. I’m tired also of taking an hour or more to go the eight miles to work but this too shall pass. This is traffic circulation on the coast in its “finest” hour.
I think CalTrans isn’t having that meeting here because they don’t want to fight the traffic or the residents…!

They look at the map and see that pacifica is on one side and we are on the other and they have no connnection to the reality of what it is like it is to live here.  They live in boxes constructed by their educations and love powerpoint more than their children. their is no conspiracy; that would imply organizational ability.  there is only institutionalized incompetance.  What we have to do is get to that meeting and tell them what it is like to live here and what they need to do.  (get the highway open as soon as possible)

maybe some people could do a guerrilla threatre at the meeting. do something to show how long the commute takes. Get a few people to wear signs that say “montara commuter” and have them take two hours to cross the meeting room.  dress in black with white sign. move very slowly from one side of the room to the other. Any takers?

OK, if the meeting is not going to be on the Coast as it should be I am going and I’m going to stand with whoever shows up to REPRESENT those who are impacted.  I will have a sign on me that says MOSS BEACH.  I personally do not have to deal with the commute as I work from home.  My daughter on the other hand has to deal with 2 hours each way and in between teach a bunch of kindergartners in SF.  She is beside herself being stressed.  As a local notary I meet many people who are in the same situation.  Perhaps this can’t be fixed, perhaps it will take months.  We need to find out what the bottom line is, Caltrans’ opinion and if necessary we may need outside opinions. In other words I suggest we take this in our own hands instead of being told.  Again, the roads/freeway overpasses were repaired immediately after the Northridge Earthquake due to the population pressure in LA.  Here Caltrans may not recognize the popuation pressure.  What we need to deliver to them is the quality of life we extend to those over the hill who come here - want to come and pay for the experience - the crab, the salmon, restaurants, the ocean, the beauty, the shops, the beaches etc. etc.
Rocha Phtography
Loan Officer & Notary
Moss Beach

After my 75 minute commute from Moss Beach to HMB this morning (May 8th) it is clear apparently to everyone besides local Law Enforcement, that the light on 92 and Main Street must be disabled to allow free traffic flow (The morning commute as well as the evening.) 

Additionally, has anyone been impacted by Law Enforcement’s heavy-handed approach to traffic violations? It seems to me our uniformed brethren are spending more time issuing citations than fixing our traffic woes.

Miserable in Moss Beach

We’re in Caltrans District 4, and I found an email form on their website. (below)

Here’s what I sent:

I just read on that Caltrans will be holding the next public update on Devil’s Slide in Pacifica on May 10.

Pacifica residents are, by and large, unaffected by the slide closure, and the normally 30-minute drive from Montara or El Granada to Pacifica via HWY 92 is currently doubled or tripled due to traffic conjestion.

Could you perhaps move the meeting to venue closer to the affected parties? This issue is dramatically impacting the residents and businesses in this community.

Thank you.

Caltrans email form:

I will be at the mtg in Pacifica also Linda see you there. Hope Caltrans will be more forth coming with the problems at DSE. Another rumor yesterday that the mountain is still sliding.

About traffic tickets just be nice to the officer who pulls you over, I have talked my way out of two tickets the past two months, but they were over the hill.

Is anbody interested in a ferry service from pilar point to fishermans wharf, SF?  At least for the DSE. Still trying but I think about 30-50% of the coastsiders don’t have to commute over the hill. “Im okay Jack.” Its a British expression. So why would they care about our problems with the commute.

As a police officer told somebody on firday complaining about the long commute; “get up earliar”.  I say “get up early, come home later, shop, nap, have a meal etc.”  This way we don’t have to shop on the coast that much. Have a nice day Main Street.

Steve Habelow
<email>[email protected]</email>

I’m planning to go.  I don’t really have any interest in signs or gorilla theatre.  I think the residents up there have a slightly different set of impacts than we do. I’d like to hear them. It’s their meeting. Given an opportunity to speak, I intend to tell CalTrans that I shopped and got my services in Linda Mar.  That the larger community has been cut off whether CalTrans realizes it or not.  I empathise with the folks in Linda Mar. Then I hope to go into CalTrans’s failures.

CalTrans did come to the MCC right after the closure.  I think most of us were in wait and see mode and were overly impressed by their Geologist.  CalTrans’s siezure, lack of a plan and stalling is deplorable and needs to be addressed.

This morning, Keyhan Moghbel, Caltrans, gave a very informative update to the Coastside Realtors on the Devil’s Slide situation….....with questions,  it lasted an hour.  I’m sure it has been posted here before, but the website that carries up to date info on the repairs is  and, for specific questions, his email address is:  <email>[email protected]</email>

The situation is very complex, and needs to be done correctly (aka: slowly) in order to make the road safe again.  Take the time to read the history of the geological conditions and what needs to be accomplished.

I, for one, do not believe, as some have suggested,  that this is some sort of a “Caltrans Conspiracy”; as others have said,  let’s be patient and support each other….....there’s not always a bogeyman to blame.


Interesting, Caltans thinks enough of Coastal Realtors to attend a meeting today, present and answer questions.  Makes a great deal of sense to me.  The Realtors need to know if their income is going to be impacted thorugh sales and purchases.  What about everyone else?  All you non Realtors out there - Go to Pacifica tomorrow night!  There is something wacked here.

This is a joke right? Tell me Caltrans are joking.

In response to Linda’s comments, I think Caltrans will go wherever they’ve been invited….so far they’ve been to the HMB City Council and, I think to the Midcoast Council.  In fact I think I recall that there was a video up on this website from that MCC meeting.  Am I right?


Grant Wilcox, Senior Engineering Geologist on the Slide repair project, explains how how the Devil’s Slide geology works, why it is so unstable, how it was repaired in 1995, why Caltrans has temporarily suspended activity on the Slide, and why Caltrans can’t simply build a bridge over the damaged portion of the Slide.

This is the best explanation that we have seen of the geology and dynamics of the slide. If you want to understand what’s happening, you must watch this video.

Wilcox spoke Wednesday night at the Midcoast Community Council.  The full meeting will be cablecast tonight on MCTV, but this is the part you must not miss.

[this is from the archives….....dated 4/13/06, by Barry Parr…when Caltrans reps appeared at the MCC meeting]

I don’t think this is conspiracy but having a major update on the other side of the slide gives the appearance that there is something to hide.  If CalTrans has any clue as to how much the coastsiders are suffering, they would at the least hold dual meetings on both sides of the slide so that a greater amount of coastsiders could attend.  I will be alone with my 3 young children but will make the trek there tomorrow night.  I hope that others will do the same.  This closure affects our family immensely.  My husband commutes out of SFO, our oldest daughter attends school in SF and I need to commute to San Mateo during commute hours a few days a week.  It has been hell.  Then of course there are the complications like preschooler in Moss Beach, etc.  This morning we had to take the two little ones on the commute to the city to get our older daughter to school - left right before 6am and arrived at 8:45 - back to the coast at 10am.  The kids were in the car more than 6 hours today…this is so insane.  As a result, the older daughter has missed many days of school lately due to schedule & work conflicts.  I am really hoping CalTrans will have some news for us.  Could the timeline be ready at this point?

I Attended the mtg in Pacifica last night. It was the best mtg so far, Caltrans is making progress & should have schedule out next week as to how long it will take to fix the road. They are meeting with the contractor today. It appears to be more promising but.

Kehan Moghbel gave the same slide presentation that he did on 4/16 to the hmbcc. I spoke to him before the mtg, he is okay has a tough job & lives in Novato. About 10-12 people from montara, moss beach, el granda; some spoke trying to get the time schedule, the commute especially when parents have children going to school over the hill; some have 3-4 yr olds that they have to wake up at 3-4 am, very tough.

I’m sure the contractor will have mtgs with us once they get started on the road/slide.

Coming back from Pacifica I got to bunker hill exit at 8pm it was clear sailing until I got 2/3 up 92 & going around a curve it was a parking lot all the way to main st. Took about 40 minutes to get to main st. Suggest everybody drive slow on 92 as you don’t know when you go around these curves that the cars in front are stopped! Had to hit the brakes hard to stop.

Steve Habelow
<email>[email protected]</email>

I also attended the meeting, Caltrans are still playing their cards very close to their chest. Kehan Moghbel had to be pressed hard before he gave away even the contractors name they are working with, a month since the Slide closed and still not even a hint of a timeline. But after his meeting today he promised to inform the Pacifica Council members (and everone else I hope) of the intended contractor timeline, he said it would be ready in ‘a few days’, we will see. Aparantly the slide is back to it’s ‘normal’ movement, so clean up for repair construction is underway.

One piece of good news, Caltrans have ordered several more trafiic cams, and Mr. Moghbel said, and I quote, ‘to have a traffic cam on every intersection on highyway 1 and one on 92’.

I personally thought the information was badly presented and got the impression that Caltrans are not telling us the full story.

Hey, how about some guided tours of the work progress so far? Why don’t they invite a small community group over to view the site? Transparancy is what is needed here, in my opinion Caltrans have done an awful P.R. job so far.