Chart House to be revived as a Peruvian restaurant

By on Wed, August 5, 2009

The long-vacant Chart House restaurant in Montara, is about to be revived as a Peruvian restaurant, according to the Chron:

Carlos Altamirano, chef/owner of Mochica and Piqueo’s in San Francisco, will open his third Peruvian restaurant, Costanera, in October in the former Chart House in Montara.

The three-level, 10,000-square-foot-restaurant (8150 Cabrillo Hwy.) will be transformed by San Francisco designer Michael Brennan (Miss Pearl’s Jam House, Cortez, Marinitas) emphasizing the oceanfront setting and using materials from the beach.

Altamirano’s menu will feature up to 10 ceviches and as many as 30 Peruvian dishes, along with handcrafted Pisco cocktails, a New World wine list, and beers from the Americas and Belgium.

Now that sounds like a restaurant I can get behind. Viva Peru.

Sounds like a great restaurant. But how does this concept propose to succeed where the last incarnations have failed? Has a new agreement regarding the vehicle parking lots been reached? Maybe I lack imagination, but I do not see how this restaurant can coexist with maintaining park access.