Coastside Film presents a heart-warming film about chasing miracles

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Posted by on Sat, April 15, 2006


Adam Butcher plays fourteen-year-old Ralph Walker who is told that his comatose mother won’t recover without a miracle. So he decides to create one by winning the Boston Marathon!  The story develops via nine segments over the months between September 1953 and May 1954, and each part is designated to a particular saint. For instance, Michael the Archangel is the Saint of Temptation; and Jude Thaddeus is the Saint of Impossible Causes.  Literally and metaphorically, they correspond to the narrative content.

"Saint Ralph is the kind of well-acted, genuine heart-warmer that some people complain Hollywood doesn’t bother making anymore.  And in this case, Hollywood didn’t. This low-budget Canadian-made film doesn’t stoop to Hollywood clichés or formulaic plot devices."—Caludia Puig, USA TODAY

"This deliciously offbeat Canadian comedy gets its charm from marvelous acting and from a screenplay bursting with ideas."—David Sterritt, Christian Science Monitor

Rated PG-13 for some sexual content and partial nudity

7:30pm   Short: Amore Family Style, a family tribute film honoring a local coastside Mom and Dad, Italo and Angie Lucchesi.(32 mins)

8:05pm  Feature: SAINT RALPH (1 hr, 38 mins)

Friday, April 21, 2006 7:30pm
Community Methodist Sanctuary
777 Miramontes, Half Moon Bay
Corner of Johnston & Miramontes
$6.00 donation per person For more information see:

Coastside Film Society:
Just a quick word on a great movie (Saint Ralph) that my wife, 15-year old son and I saw last Friday evening at the Coastside Film Society event in HMB. What a terrific movie, especially to see it with a teenager the same age as the ‘hero’ in this fine story. We would recommend that all parents take their’ teenage sons to see this dramatic, funny and well acted film. The direction was also superb, especially when you consider the delicate subject matter this story deals with.Our own son stated that the movie was great and would buy it if and when it is available.There is no overt sex and violence,nor any car chases or gunplay, just a very good, believable story. The earlier movie was also a warm and fascinating (true)retrospective about Montara’s own Julie Lucchesi’s mother and father, Angie and Italo, and the whole extended Lucchesi family. It was made better by the fact that about half of the fifty or sixty folks in the audience were various (Lucchesi) family members. How blessed we were to have a glimpse of such a loving and giving family; thank you Joe and Luanne (Coastside Film Society), and thank you to the whole extended Lucchesi family.
    Jose, Maribel and Bobby Tamez, Moss Beach