Coastside Film Society presents the story of a boy and his cheetah Friday

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Posted by on Wed, February 21, 2007

Click photo to see a preview of the film.

Xan is 12 years old living in rural South Africa when his father brings home the orphaned cheetah cub who is destined to become his best friend.  When his family is forced to move to the big city, Xan and Duma set off to find Duma a new home in the wild.  Xan has courage but not a lot of common sense. So he starts by heading off into the Kalahari Desert, where to get lost is, usually, to die. From the director of the Black Stallion and Fly Away Home.

"This is an extraordinary film, a wonderful adventure. The movie takes on an additional depth because Xan is not a cute one-dimensional "family movie" child.  ... These are characters free to hold surprises in the real world."  Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun Times Rated PG (for mild adventure peril).

Friday, Feb 23 at 8 pm
Community Methodist Sanctuary, 
777 Miramontes, Half Moon Bay Corner of Johnston & Miramontes
$6.00 donation per person

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Thu, February 22, 2007 7:43pm
Matt Berman
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I have the DVD of this film, and I’d just say that Carroll Ballard doesn’t know how to make a bad movie—The Black Stallion, Never Cry Wolf, Fly Away Home, Wind. Like all of his movies, Duma is simply spectacular.