Coastside power outage started in San Bruno

Posted by on Fri, February 10, 2006

Last night’s power outage on the Coastside was part of a much larger blackout caused by a problem with a power line in San Bruno that covered about 23,000 PG&E customers in San Bruno, Linda Mar, and Rockaway Beach, reports KTVU. The lights were out here in Montara, but not, according to the story, at the Moss Beach Distillery.

Hmm. We had a one minute flicker at 4:00 am (in Montara) but nothing earlier that night.

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Sat, February 11, 2006 11:39pm
K. Loegering
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We must have had several hours of power loss in El Granada. I noticed that the clock on the stove was off by 3 hours in the morning.

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Sun, February 12, 2006 5:22pm
Scott Boyd
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Montara gets power from the north and from the south.  It’s not uncommon to have half of Montara out while the other half is powered.

Driving into Montara from Pacifica that evening, it was mighty odd to see such darkness.  From the traffic light at Westborough, getting ready to turn west under 280 and up the hill to Sharp Park, I saw a very bright flash.  Driving Sharp Park, most of the traffic lights were out.  Pretty dangerous.  Most of the traffic lights on Hwy 1 through Pacifica were on despite everything else being dark.

Power went out again for a little while at 4AM, long enough for me to get up and turn off the computers and complaining UPSes.  My guess would be somewhere around 15 minutes.  I was about to go back to bed when the power came back on.

I have so many power flickers here in northwest El Granada that I just don’t remember whether it flickered here or not that night.  (It didn’t go out.)  I will be setting up an electronic version of a chart recorder to track the line voltage.  Maybe I’ll cook up some way to put it up on a web page.

But the real reason for this comment is regarding a line in the linked-to article on  “The outage flooded local police and fire departments with calls from concerned residents”.  Why do people call the police or fire department when there’s a power outage?  Call the power company.  Memorize their 800 number.  PG&E:  1-800-743-5000.