Coastsider endorses Measure S


By on Mon, May 8, 2006

Coastside schools need more money. And Measure S, the parcel tax, is the best means we have to get a little more money to our schools.

I’ve been critical of our school board in the past. If you don’t like the way they’ve been running the district, you’ll get an opportunity to deal with them (or at least three of them) in November. The issue on June 6 is how much money we’re going to give the schools. It is not a referendum on the school board.

There’s a hard core of Coastsiders who will vote against any tax for anything at any time. And the requirement that two thirds of voters approve the tax is designed to give them a veto.  To pass this parcel tax, the district needs the support of everyone who wishes our schools could be even a little bit better.  This tax has failed four times already since 1999, but it has never had a better chance of passing or broader support than it does now.  However, if the parcel tax going to pass, it needs more than your tacit support.  You need to go out and vote YES of Measure S.