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By on Tue, April 4, 2006

On April 2, 2006, Highway 1 at Devil's Slide was closed for the third time since 1983, because the landslide it is built on was slipping into the ocean yet again. It was a disaster for the community, turning commutes into hours-long ordeals, hurting businesses on both sides of the closure, and creating an air of uncertainty and mistrust of the authorities whose job it is to repair the highway.

It was also a watershed moment for Coastsider. Literally overnight, our readership quadrupled and we became a household name in the community. One of the things we're proudest of is that when it was impossible to know what was going on out there, we were able to bring photos, video, and news from the side of the mountain. We learned a lot about covering breaking news and doing video, but it would also have been impossible if we had not refined our online production techniques while covering the community for two years when the Slide went out.

We've gathered all of our coverage of the Slide closure on this page, to provide the community with a little perspective and quick reference to the biggest story on the Coastside.

Barry Parr
July 24: Devil's Slide will be a single lane only "as needed" at non-peak hours
July 20: Devil's Slide to reopen August 4
July 9: Letter: Why hasn't anything been done about the evening commute?
May 26: Caltrans seeking consensus, not approval, from HMB on traffic light
May 24: Highway 92 travel times are now online
May 18: Caltrans gives HMB a chance to discuss traffic light
May 16: Caltrans will be at HMB City Council tonight
May 15: Devil's Slide will be open in late September, says Caltrans
May 11: Caltrans plans to announce schedule Tuesday
May 8: Jackie Speier will "shop till she drops" in HMB Tuesday
May 2: Caltrans expects Devil's Slide design and timeline in about two weeks
Apr 27: NY Times discovers Devil's Slide
Apr 26: Caltrans resumes drilling, excavates slipout at Shamrock Ranch
Apr 19: HMB City Council meeting focuses on Slide problems
Apr 18: Coastsiders estimate highway repair will take 103 days
Apr 18: Caltrans blasts loose rock above roadway to prepare for work crews
Apr 17: Caltrans crews to begin clearing debris Tuesday
Apr 11: Caltrans padlocks road, closes trails on Slide to hikers
Apr 11: Governor declares state of emergency in seven counties
Apr 7: Caltrans will blast loose debris from the cliffs early next week
Apr 6: Devil's slide and Shamrock Ranch slip-out are both deteriorating
Apr 6: Workers are removing loose rocks above Devil's Slide to prep for drilling
Apr 5: School District temporarily changes schedule and adds bus during closure
Apr 4: Rock slides delay Slide reopening, endanger visitors
Apr 3: Devil's Slide will be closed for at least two more days

Cheri Parr
July 31: Photos: Caltrans paving Devil's Slide on Thursday
May 28: Video: Tour Devil's Slide and repairs with Caltrans geologist, by Darin Boville
May 15: Video: Caltrans explains its Devil's Slide repair plan, by Darin Boville
Apr 20: Video: Some Sunny Day, by Darin Boville
Apr 12: Caltrans geologist explains the Slide, by Darin Boville
Apr 18: Caltrans blasts loose rock above roadway to prepare for work crews
Apr 7: A wet and stormy afternoon on the Slide, by Darin Boville
Apr 5: The Slide and Shamrock Ranch, by Darin Boville
Apr 3: The Slide 18 hours after closing, by Darin Boville

Cheri Parr
May 26: Album: Rebuilding Devil's Slide, and a persistent question, by Cheri Parr
May 17: Photo: Almost to the edge of the known world
May 16: Photos: How Caltrans is drilling those holes under the roadbed
May 7: Photo: We're all getting a little anxious
Apr 27: Photos: Caltrans removes rock hazard and gets to work
Apr 15: Photo: Geologists rappel on Devil's Slide
Apr 7: Album: A wet and stormy day on the Slide, by Cheri Parr
Apr 5: Album: The Slide and Shamrock Ranch are deteriorating, by Cheri Parr
Apr 3: Album: The Slide 18 hours after closing, by Barry Parr

Mike Wong, 1995
A slippery slope: Devil's Slide in 1983
A slippery slope: Devil's Slide in 1995
Fly through Devil's Slide using Google Earth

Caltrans Devil's Slide updates
Caltrans webcam at intersection of Highways 1 & 92
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