Darin’s Monday Photo: Bat star at Fitzgerald Marine Preserve, Moss Beach

Posted by on Mon, January 8, 2007

Darin Boville
Beginning today, Coastsider presents a weekly publication-quality photo of the Coastside. Our goal is to provide the community with photos they can reuse as as desktop backgrounds, screen savers, cards, or to print for display. Click to download full-size version (2.9mb). Copyright © 2007 by Darin Boville. FREE for personal use.

Lovely!  Just what I need to see, stuck inside an office in San Carlos this sunny warm winter day. :)

Anneliese Agren

Ok for anyone to submit photos?

The Monday Photo is Darin’s deal, but we always consider Coastside photos for publication and run most of the ones we get.

What a gift! Thank you, Darin and Coastsider. I’ve downloaded the star to my desktop and look forward to more photos of the Coastside’s natural treasures.