Dream Machines cancelled: It’s too wet to park

Why wait till Wednesday?

By on Tue, April 4, 2006

This year’s Pacific Coast Dream Machines Show has been cancelled.  The organizers cancelled the event because the ongoing rain made it impossible to prepare the fields at the airport for parking for the April 30 event. The closure of Devil’s Slide also created an air of uncertainty around the event. Dream Machines is the annual largest fundraiser for the Coastside Adult Day Health Center.

As someone who lives between the airport and the ocean, and works mostly at home, I can’t say it bothers me. The noise levels are horrific. I put up with it because many local residents seem to like it. But when possible, I have arranged to be out of town. It is unfortunate that people who look forward to earning money on the event will lose out, and they have my sympathy. But personally, it is good news to me and many of my neighbors.

This event benefits the senior center in Half Moon Bay and most of the work and it is largely a volunteer event.  I suppose you have no tolerance for old people either.  They do kind of get in the way with their wheelchairs and walkers!!!!!!

I live in Moss Beach myself, and really, a few weekends of traffic and noise here there to raise money for community groups is really no big deal. The reality is these community groups need money, not sympanthy. They are an essential part of coastside services. Of course this event isn’t the only way of raising money, but it is an important yearly fundraiser. I suppose there are people who also leave town on Pumpkin Festival weekend. I find it amazing how much griping there is over the dozen or so days, out of 365 in a year, that we may be inconvenienced to raise money for the many community groups serving so many people here. Until the day when these groups can be fully funded in others way, there will be events like this from time to time. I believe these events are creative and fun ways of dealing with funding needs. Volunteer and be part of the solution!

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Sat, April 8, 2006 12:42pm
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For the record, Dream Machines is a major source of funding for the Coastside Adult Day Health Center on Correas Street in Half Moon Bay. To get an idea of the many ways this extraordinary facility aids seniors and adults in the Coastside community, please see http://coastsideadultdayhealth.org