3.8, 1.4 magnitude earthquakes near Sweeney Ridge

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Mon, April 18, 2011

Anyone else just feel the big jolt on the coast?  Southern California Earthquake Data Center (scedc.org) shows a 3.8 magnitud quake 2 miles SE of Pacifica.  Biggest I’ve felt in awhile!

We felt it here in So. HMB, felt like something hit the side of the house, no shaking, just a jolt.

My daughter felt it in Daly City. Rattled the toaster oven!

Yes, we felt it, a shake and a jolt.  Since it is close to us, felt larger than it was, apparently.

On Etheldore St. in Moss Beach, I felt a jolt followed by shaking for under a second.  Initial jolt sounded like large object hit house.  It was strong enough to motivate me to move to safer position.  I didn’t notice later 1.4 quake.

Jolt and sway on 4th floor in San Mateo… a reminder of SF Earthquake and Fire 105 years ago…

Oh yes, I felt it in Moss Beach.  Or rather, I heard it. I live on the ground floor of a two-story house, and I thought something big had fallen upstairs—but no one was there, and nothing seemed amiss. So I asked some neighbors, across the street, if they had heard a loud crash.  They reported having felt their house shake.

Felt it here in San Mateo.

Gee. I didn’t feel it at all!

The USGS has a “did you feel it” function at http://earthquake.usgs.gov/earthquakes/dyfi/ where everyone can report whether they felt it and the characteristics at their location.  The report for this earthquake is available at http://earthquake.usgs.gov/earthquakes/recenteqsww/Quakes/nc71560691.php (I don’t know whether or not that’s a long-lasting link.)

Shortly thereafter I heard a number of sirens heading north past El Granada.  I wonder if something happened in the tunnels.

Up here (crest of the Santa Cruz Mountains in southern SM County) it felt (and sounded!) like a steady rattle, and then a jolt. Four seconds approx, and moving through our house from southeast to northwest. Quite an appropriate anniversary of the April 18, 1906 quake but thankfully without the drama and trauma! -Georgia