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Posted by on Mon, June 18, 2007

Cartoon-O-Graf® by Some Guy with a Mac.

What a great way to depict the HMB local political scene—with Debra Godshall leading the way it all seems a little cartoonish!


Hey, if you think that’s something, just wait and take a look at tomorrow’s edition; I understand that the Review will be putting forth their version of the debauched “Beachwood/Foothill Blvd.” affair.

Barb Mauz

It’s worth noting that Publisher’s encounter with John Lynch took place outside of Starbucks—a chain store that the Publisher has defended in the recent past.

Link to Publisher Opinion, August 2002

Now with Peet’s coffee kicking out Mr. Bechar’s Chai shop, I wonder if can we expect another pro chain store opinion piece from the Publisher.

I’ve never really understood why anyone pays any attention to newspaper editors’ and publishers’  “opinion” pieces.  Just because they buy ink by the barrel doesn’t make them any more qualified to comment on things.

The Review is particularly noteworthy in that, from my perspective, their editorials virtually always support the wrong POV.