Half Moon Bay Beautification Committee awards over $100,000

Press release

By on Mon, April 16, 2007

The Half Moon Bay Beautification Committee today announced $104,000 in grants and donations to Coastside non-profit groups, educational organizations and municipal agencies. Funding comes from proceeds from the Art & Pumpkin Festival, which has been operated and managed by the Beautification Committee since 1971.

The largest single contribution ($25,000) went to the on-going maintenance and beautification of the Main Street downtown core. Among the efforts are seasonal planting of flowers, installation and repair of old-fashioned wooden benches, litter removal, cleaning, and year-round maintenance of Main Street. In its 36-year history, the Beautification Committee has directly contributed more than $2.3 million dollars to coastside non-profit organizations and civic causes.

CLICK below for a list of recipients.

Organizations receiving funding include

  • Coastal Repertory Theater—$12,000
  • San Mateo County Sheriff Explorers Program—$5,760
  • I.D.E.S. Society—$5,000
  • City of Half Moon Bay Parks and Recreation Department—$3,400 for recreation programs
  • Coastside Medical and Dental Clinic—$3,300 for computer equipment
  • Half Moon Bay Fire Protection District—$3,200 for CPR program and materials
  • City of Half Moon Bay—$3,000 for a tree trimmer
  • Coastside Adult Day Health Center—$3,000 for caregiver support program
  • Senior Coastsiders—$3,000 for nutrition program
  • Half Moon Bay Little League—$3,000 for improvements to Smith Field
  • Coastal Arts League—$2,500 for Pumpkin Festival poster design contest
  • Half Moon Bay High School Grad Night—$2,500
  • Seton Medical Center—$2,500 for kitchen supplies)ß
  • Coastside Infant Toddler Center—$2,500 for new floors
  • Boys & Girls Club of the Coastside—$2,500 for facility repairs and upgrades
  • Agricultural Clean Water Initiative Foundation—$2,500
  • Coastside Family Medical Center—$1,500 for supplies
  • Young Actors Workshop—$1,500 for audio equipment
  • El Granada Education Fund—$1,500
  • La Honda Volunteer Fire Brigade—$1,340
  • No Strings Attached Breakfast—$1,000
  • Coastside RotaCare Clinic—$1,000 for medical supplies and services
  • Clean and Sober—$1,000
  • Coastside Parents Nursery School—$1,000 for bilingual resources, cots and mats).

Additionally, $7,000 in college scholarship money will be awarded to Half Moon Bay High School students. The scholarships are named in memory of founding festival members Dolores Mullin, Patsy Dutra and Melvin Mello.

I couldn’t help but notice the absence of Coastside Hope, the Human Services agency for the coastide needy. Why?

John Lynch

Coastside Hope applied to the committee for a grant to replace our antiquated phone system but we were turned down due to the total number of grants exceeding the funding available.

As the CORE human service agency for the coast, we will continue to diligently seek funds to continue the critical services of food, shelter and aid for our community’s low-income families, seniors and individuals.

Thanks for looking out for us John.


You are ever so polite and diplomatic saying you were turned down due to the total number of grants exceeding the funds available.

I could easily see on the list eight grantees that should have been listed below your needs.

You’re doing an excellent job. Stay with it.

John Lynch


maybe if you posted the amount you need to replace your antiquated phone system and what the new system would provide you (probably your grant application statements) , then folks would know what you need and there maybe other organizations or individual who would want to chip in.

PS I’ve done the math a number of times, but I only come up with $101,500 donated. Since they said they donated $104,000 there maybe $2,500 laying around in loose change that is still available.

Actually, we had a very kind donor give us a wonderful meridian system.  We applied for the grant ($2500) to cover the coast of pulling out the old phone system and PBX box and installing the new equipments. 

I’m working with Barry and Darin to get some more info out here on coastsider about the needs of the agency especially as we transition out of transportation. 

In the meantime, anyone interested in hearing more or who wants to help the agency do call us anytime and I’ll personally take you on a tour, or come talk to any interested groups.