Half Moon Bay Lions Club sponsors speaking contest for high school students

Posted by on Fri, January 6, 2012

The Half Moon Bay Lions Club will join other California Lions Clubs in sponsoring 75th Annual Lions Student Speakers Contest.

All participants will speak on the same topic: “What Could the America of Yesterday Teach the America of Tomorrow”. Students should be prepared to speak for up to ten minutes on the topic, but no less than five minutes. Students may use notes or even read their speech at the club level contest. The winner of the club contest will move on to the zone level where only on a 3 by 5 index card is permitted for notes.

The Half Moon Bay Lions Club will hold their contest on Wednesday, February 15 at 7:00 p.m. at the Half Moon Bay Fire Station, 1191 Main Street in Half Moon Bay. All contestants who participate and meet the minimum speaking time will receive a check for $25. The winner of the club contest will receive $75. Students competing successfully through the multiple level contests have the opportunity to receive up to $21,000 in scholarship funds.


The contest is open to any high school student (grades 9 though 12) who attends Half Moon Bay or Pescadero High Schools or is home-schooled or attends a private high school on the coast. Students living in Pacifica or who go to school on the bayside should participate in the contests sponsored by the Lions Clubs in those areas.

Lions Clubs sponsor this annual student speaker contest to provide an opportunity for students to experience competitive public speaking, to stimulate self-expression and independent thinking, and to help students consider the means at our disposal of meeting the present and future problems of our country and the world.

For more information on the Half Moon Bay Lions Club Student Speaker Contest, students should contact their English or Speech Department teacher or contact Lion Jim Asche, the Half Moon Bay Lions Club Student Speaker chairperson at (650) 452-8906.

How about this topic: Could the founders of the US constitution teach today’s leaders about separation of church and state?

Indeed, that would be very interesting, they would remind the youth of today that “separation of church and state” is NOWHERE stated in the Constitution and why it is permissible for your government itself to have religion within it (that is, they put it all over the currency, buildings, et al). They would wonder why an informal letter by Jefferson in 1802 could be so wide widely assumed as law by atheists, liberals and the anti-religious, ... the US Constitution ensures that one may practice their religion and that the government cannot require one to practice/respect a religion. That’s it.

It would be good to educate the youth and put a stop to the misconception w/ that generation. Othewise, high schoolers would have about as much success transcribing it otherwise as many adults try… but with less crying and tantrums at the meeting.

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Mon, February 27, 2012 6:17pm
Dan Blick
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Kevin, I think that Jefferson was aware of eager many supposedly-religious people were for the government to adopt their religion’s tenets & symbols, and to apply them to everyone else (to the exclusion of themselves, in many cases!).

Today, the leading vote-getter in the Republican primaries is Rick Santorum - a fundamentalist “Christian” extremist who seems to regard the Constitution as an inconvenience.

To me, it’s pretty simple:  God doesn’t need Government Assistance.  God can do just fine without the Government’s help. Jefferson’s “wall of separation” is intended to protect religious institutions from the government’s interference.

I wouldn’t mind having a little more real Christianity among our leaders in Washington DC—the “love thy neighbor,” “whatsoever you do to the least of my brothers,” etc.  Instead, the neo-Calvinist zealots and their transmogrified brand of “Christianity” seem to think that “small government” means going on “uterus patrol,” and determining with whom I can or can’t enter a state-licensed marriage contract.

I hate to remind ‘em, but Jesus was both unemployed and homeless!