HMB City Council violated its own procedures in selecting planning commission

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Posted by on Tue, March 7, 2006

City of Half Moon Bay
Click on the image to download a copy of the original 1998 resolution.

The Half Moon Bay City Council violated its own procedures when it appointed two at-large members on Tuesday, February 22, without public interviews.  This departure from past practice was questioned by council members Gorn and Grady at the time, but they were overruled.

According to a resolution passed by the city council in 1998,  and signed by then-mayor Naomi Patridge, "Nominations shall be accepted only of applications who have been interviewed by the city council prior to such nomination." [PDF of procedure] The five "councilmember-designee" positions do not require interviews.  The resolution was discovered by city council staff after the meeting.

This puts the city council in an embarrassing situation that they will have to rectify at their next meeting, probably by rewriting the policy after the fact.

HMB city staff ask city council to set priorities

Also at Tuesday’s meeting, council members will receive a list of all projects City Hall staff are currently working on. [PDF of priorities]  The city council members will discuss additions or deletions to the list. They’ll get the amended list on March 16 and have until March 23 to individually select the most and least important projects and return the list to staff, which will compile the results and present them at the April 4 meeting of the city council.

When you click on the image to downlad a copy of the original 1998 resolution the bottom of the second page appears to be missing or obscured. I think it might refer to the term of the Commissioner who is replacing an existing Commissioner which is very relevant in light of the entirenewly appointed Commission taking over existing terms. They should not change from what was already in place and become concurrent with the newly elected City Council terms. lani ream

“Enhance Ecotourism” is listed as as 2006 Priority for the Planning Dept.  What’s with that?  Don’t get me wrong, this is an admirable goal for the City as a whole, though I can’t see how it falls under the Planning Dept..  Is someone planning to build an eco-tourism theme park/resort/golfcourse/shopping center, or what?

Translation please…?

Steve Skinner wrote:
“Enhance Ecotourism” is listed as as 2006 Priority for the Planning Dept..Translation please…?

Ecotourism one of many projects being advocated by the HMB Chamber of Commerce—-a group that has considerable political influence with the current City Council majority, and the San Mateo County Board of Supervisors.