HMB City Council will appoint Gorn’s successor

Posted by on Wed, June 21, 2006

The Half Moon Bay city council majority voted to appoint a replacement for resigning council member David Gorn. The council had the option of holding an election in November.

The replacement must be appointed within 30 days of Gorn’s resignation, which was on June 12. The council plans to hold its interviews and appoint its new member on the next to the last possible day: Tuesday, July 11.

Council member Jim Grady recommended requiring all candidates to promise not to run for election when their term expired.  He said that this had been done twice in San Carlos and had lowered the level of politics in the appointment.  The council rejected this idea.

Council members Patridge, McClung, and Fraser voted to appoint a replacement. Grady voted no on the motion.  All three voting yes said that they were doing so because less than half of Gorn’s term remained to be served.

It all depends on your definition of “long”.  Marina Frasier explained that she was in favor of election when Sid McClausand resigned last year because it was a long time before his term expired.  Naomi Patridge noted that she voted in favor of a replacement during one of her previous terms, because only six months remained in the resigning councilmember’s term.
The outcome was never in doubt, but the process was interesting.
Sofia Freer