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Posted by on Wed, June 27, 2007

So, a week or two after I said I wouldn’t run a poll about anything important on Coastsider, I’ve decided to run a presidential poll. The project is part of NewsVine’s ElectionVine national Internet poll. I think it’s an interesting experiment and I’m going to be writing about electoral politics on the Web for my day job, so I thought it might be fun to try it out and see what happens.

Readers can vote once a month, and results are tabulated at the national as well as the site level.  I’m not sure what it means that Barack Obama is obliterating the competition at this early stage on the national poll, but I think this will tell us more about Coastsider readers than anything meaningful about the national election or even the state primary.

If you’re having trouble seeing the poll, you can see Coastsider’s results at the ElectionVine site.

Could you post periodic updates of your poll someplace here on Coastsider so those of us who can’t access the poll can see the results?

All I get is a message that I need to update to the current version of Flash and a link to the download.  Not sure yet if I want to do that yet.

Thanks for asking. I’ve added a link in th story to the full results at ElectionVine.

Thanks for posting the Presidential Poll, Barry. It is encouraging to see Barack Obama in the lead. I am organizing Coastside residents to volunteer locally for Obama. I invite anyone who wants to have some fun and do community outreach over the summer to contact me. It’s an exciting campaign and the people who support Barack are a lively and engaging group.

Thanks so much,

April Vargas

Sadly, there is nothing in this poll that I can see that allows a preference for anything but the single two-sided political machine that runs the country. No “none-of-the-above,” write-in, or other party preferences permitted. Thus, the purposeful political independent or other-party advocate is “disenfranchised” by the poll and the poll perpetuates the deadening impression it is the money-grubbing Demopublicans or nothing.

Carl May

Carl, do you know that there’s a Libertarian listed in the choices?  Hint:  When he re-registered as a Republican he got himself elected to Congress.  Just because he’s registered and listed as R doesn’t mean that that’s what he really is.  Some local Libertarians are going all-out in support of Ron Paul’s campaign.  Check his voting record—he isn’t a Demopublican.