McClung leads Ferreira by 13 votes, McKimmie leads King by 2; results still incomplete

Why wait till Wednesday?

Posted by on Fri, November 18, 2005

As of 4:30 Friday, Bonnie McClung now leads Mike Ferreira by 13 votes, 1,853 to 1,840.

Bruce McKimmie leads Alex King in the Pt Montara Fire Protection District race 729 to 727.

The results can be found at the county’s election website. The county is still counting ballots, and expects to post additional results on Saturday and Monday after 4:30pm both days.

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Sat, November 19, 2005 9:55am
Scott Boyd
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David Tom, manager of elections, said last night that they hope to be done by this afternoon. 

According to Tom, approximately 2000 ballots remained to be counted.  That was mostly provisional ballots, but some number of absentee ballots that had to be remade.

“Remade”???  Huh?  What does that mean?  That concerns me.  Remember the controversy over “pregnant chad”.  This could undermine my very high confidence factor in the accuracy and integrity of SMC Elections department.

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Sun, November 20, 2005 11:58pm
Scott Boyd
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When a ballot is not readable by the machines, it is rejected and examined.

The ballot may have been torn, badly crumpled, damaged by water, or, more likely, improperly marked by the voter.  For example:
- a voter used pencil or some other marking device the machine can’t read
- a voter circled the candidate’s name and/or arrow instead of connecting the arrow
- a voter liked a candidate so much they connected the arrow and wrote in the candidate’s name
- and more!

If the intent of the voter can be discerned (remember Florida!), a replacement ballot is made and fed to the machine.

The process seems to be rather carefully considered, and involves more than one person and a fair bit of accountability.