Video: MCTV director accuses SAM director of conflict of interest

By on Sat, January 31, 2009

MCTV director Mike Day accuses SAM director Scott Boyd of a conflict of interest on a proposal to record MCTV meetings. [total time 7:11] Video provided by MCTV. The opinions expressed on Coastsider are those of the author, and do not represent the views of MCTV. Except whatever Mike Day says on this recording, which presumably express MCTV's views.

MCTV director Mike Day (husband of executive director Connie Malach) hurled a startling, unsubstantiated accusation at Sewer Authority Midcoastside director Scott Boyd at the SAM meeting on Monday.

Just before a vote in which it was clear that SAM was going to award a contract for recording SAM meetings to MCTV, Day rose to the microphone and interrupted the vote to accuse Boyd of assisting Montara Fog’s Darin Boville in the preparation of his competing proposal. Day said that one of his camera people told him that Scott Boyd referred to Montara Fog’s proposal as "our" proposal, and inferred that Boyd had worked on the preparation of Boville’s proposal. He asked Boyd to recuse himself.

Boyd’s reaction to this accusation was strong and categorical, saying, "That is false. I said no such thing. ... I have no cooperation or interest, no business interest, no financial interest, no personal friendship interest" in the proposal, and that he had never seen it or discussed it with Boville.

The vote took place after Day’s accusation, and this was followed by further discussion in which SAM director Leonard Woren said Day’s accusation was "out of order and wrong from a legal point of view." and director Jim Harvey called Day’s statements "counterproductive" and "unnecessary".

Boyd concluded that Day’s charge "may well have been slanderous".

Like a lot of small town stuff, this is also really personal.  Darin Boville, Scott Boyd, and I ran for MCTV’s board of directors as a reform slate last year. Scott and Darin are both friends of mine, but they’re not friends with one another.

NOTE: This isn’t the only interesting thing that happened at the meeting. More on that later.

Another example of the disfunctional, behind-the-times, dinosaur management at MCTV.

They would still be in the dark ages of technology if not for the business competition represented by and the recent political competition for seats on MCTV’s board of directors.

It’s long past time for the management at MCTV to be replaced.

There was actually a lot of support for the changing of the guard at the last 2008 MCTV board election meeting.  Too bad it was so difficult to get the vote into the taped up mail slot at their office. 

An interesting way to acquire new business; insult a SAM board member before the vote.

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Sun, February 1, 2009 1:57pm
Barry Parr
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I’ve had a difficult time reconciling the nonprofit, community service charter of MCTV with their behavior.

Lately, I’ve found that their behavior makes more sense if you think of them as a family business.

For example, cablecasting board meetings is a high-margin business for MCTV.  That explains why:

* Profitable board meetings dominate their primetime schedule.

* MCTV produces little or no original programming that does not generate revenue for MCTV.

* MCTV resisted for two years allowing other media to use their recordings to report news to the community.

* MCTV refuses to allow public agencies that pay MCTV to record their meetings to own the copyright to the recordings.

* MCTV won’t distribute recordings of board meetings produced by anyone else (including public agencies).

* Mike Day—who as secretary/treasurer of MCTV should have no responsibility for station operations—always seems to show up when there is new business on the table.

I posted these links over on Talkabout and I thought people here might like to see them, too.

The first is SAM’s original RFP and the second is are the responses from both MCTV amd Montara Fog.



MCTV’s Michael Day, in his reckless public accusation, accused MWSD Director Scott Boyd of helping me to write my proposal. (Scott and I have both categorically denied the accusation.)

So I’m curious—which part of my proposal did Scott supposedly help me write?