Missing man last seen in Big Sur

By on Sat, March 24, 2007

[Name obscured] may have been in Big Sur last weekend.

Note: The name of the missing man has been obscured for privacy reasons. This was a special case and is not our usual practice.

A missing New York man may be on the California coast.  The Monterey Herald is reporting that [Name obscured]‘s credit card was used last weekend in Big Sur.

He had been told the room he’d just paid for wasn’t ready, and an hour later he returned. By then, staff members told him his mother was worried and that he should call her.

"He said he needed to go to a pay phone," [Name obscured] said. And he didn’t return.

In the early afternoon, sheriff’s deputies tracked down [Name obscured] rented Dodge Caravan, abandoned a mile north of Lucia.

UPDATE: We have learned that [Name obscured] is in Mexico City. He called his family and said he wants to come home. He plans to take a bus to Tijuana, where he’ll be met by family.