Nancy Maule: 1923 -2008

Posted by on Mon, October 6, 2008

Longtime Montara resident Nancy Maule passed away on September 16, 2008. She was an accomplished artist, a wife and mother, and active member of he community. But she is best known as a pioneering advocate for controlled growth and open space preservation, most importantly in stopping of the massive subdivision of Montara’s rural lands and in the prevention of the construction of the Devils Slide Freeway Bypass over Montara Mountain.

Whether you agreed with her or not, one had to respect her integrity and dedication to the preservation of her community and its surrounding natural environment. Nancy Maule embodied the independence, creativity, and tenacity of the Midcoast communities. She will be missed.

There is an obituary in this week’s Half Moon Bay Review and a profile on June Morrall’s Half Moon Bay Memories site.


I second Chuck’s comments.  All of us who enjoy walking on the POST property, or in McNee Ranch State Park, can thank Nancy for being the driving force behind the protection of those areas, and holding off developers for 30 years.  She was also instrumental in stopping the Devil’s Slide Bypass, which would have bisected both the POST lands and the state park.

civic action on nancy’s level is rare… with the simplest of means, she enlisted our community to support substantial environmental causes in concert with all the local environmental groups and encouraged leading politicians in every level of government to make wiser decisions than they would have otherwise… a gentle touch on the levers of power… all in support of the beauty of the coastside and the views of ocean and mountains… substantially as fine today as when she arrived on the coast, due in large part to her, one of the finest environmentalists ever…