New look Montara Beach website.


Posted by on Thu, July 23, 2009

I’m excited to unveil the new look Montara Beach web site, I hope you like the new format. While the site will still be driven by a strong environmental awareness we will be complimenting this content with selective articles and information about Montara State Beach and Montara town including other local coastal issues and stories. Our main focus will as always remain driven by a love for the beautiful beaches, parks and countryside that are in and surround Montara and this section of the San Mateo Coast. Check out our apparel store, I have designed a few unique Montara flavored T-shirts just for fun! The site will also remain the as the online presence for the Montara Beach Coalition, where local beach clean ups will be announced.

I would also love any constructive feedback to help iron out any kinks etc, or suggestions for content. Please use the contact page on the website.

PS. Check out Coastsiders very own Barry Parr on our ‘10 Questions’ page!

Kevin, this is a great looking site, and the photos are terrific. Did you do the design on this? What software are you using?

I agree Kevin - fantastic re-design!  By the way, I got a facebook alert to a clean-up at Montara Beach this Saturday.  Is this one of yours?  With all the state budget news, I’m thinking we may want to do them once a month just to stay on top of things.  Again - thanks for a fantastic site!

Thanks guys! Glad you like the new site.

Barry: Yes, my design (within a template) and my photos, the software I use is called RapidWeaver it’s for Mac only and is made by Realmac software.

Cheri: Please check the Facebook alert again, the only one I have posted is for the California Coastal Clean up day on Saturday September 19th, let me know if I have got the info wrong.


Bravo, Kevin! You may have given other people in other places a great idea to help our parks and beaches.

Seems Save Our Shores has a clean up scheduled for Montara State Beach in ‘Half Moon Bay’ for this Saturday, confusing. I’m trying to get more info, probably a typo on their part.

Let me know when you find out Kevin.  Barry and I try to make all the beach clean-ups.  We bring the kids and play “Who can find the most unusual trash?”  Unfortunately I win that one frequently.

BTW - do you know what’s going on with the seals?  Last clean up we found two dead seals, two beached seals, and one stuck on the cliff. Called the Marine Mammal Center who was working overtime that day.  I’ve never seen this many beached or in danger.  Has something changed recently?


According to the Save Our Shores website there will be a beach clean up at Montara Beach this Saturday 25th 10.00 -12.00.

They say that Montara beach is in HMB so it’s confusing. Who knows, I wrote them but have had no reply.

As far as the seal issue goes it’s a mystery there have been many strandings and early deaths, I think I read an article on the NOAA’s site. I have reported 3 dead seals on Montara in the last month.


You ever try Joomla for your websites ? I highly recommend.

Great to see a nice site for our beach.


I’m not sure Joomla had much going on when started back in 2004.  I’m very happy with Expression Engine for a wide variety of reasons and can’t imagine switching at this stage.

I know Darin using Joomla for Montara Fog.