One man’s HazMat training

Posted by on Thu, November 15, 2007

Someone who attended four-hour HazMat class in Pacifica on Tuesday has written up what he learned. He took the training to become an official volunteer to help with the clean up of the oil spill. "This is the minimum training required to be able to participate in the cleaning officially," he says. 

Thanks to Pacifica Riptide for the tip.

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Fri, November 16, 2007 8:19pm
Sofia Freer
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What I learned is that the clean-up effort generates mountains of “hazardous” solid waste due to what seems to be over-zealous caution on the part of CALOSHA. It is this a result of too many frivolous lawsuits?
The presentation I attended was mind-numbingly boring, a feeling shared by all of the attendees sitting nearby.  Nevertheless, eager to be of some help in this awful natural disaster, most of the 70-75 would be volunteers suffered through till the bitter end.
We were treated to a thorough regurgitation of all contact phone numbers that were handed out to us, as well as details of the Material Safety Data Sheet on IFO-380, most of which pertain only to the original oil, and not the tar balls that we were being trained to pick up.
After that, there was a primer on elementary level science and a smattering of very rudimentary organic chemistry.
The last part was fairly interesting as they described and demonstrated the hazard suits, double gloves and booties that all volunteers will be required to wear.  Which brings me back to the mountains of solid waste, that will be entombed somewhere for eternity.

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Fri, November 16, 2007 8:28pm
Sofia Freer
All my comments

I need to correct a huge error I made.  This was ceratinly not a natural disaster! It should never have been allowed to happen, or to have the devastating and long-lasting impact it has had.