One restaurant’s door closes, another one opens

Posted by on Tue, August 8, 2006

Chez Shea, a new restaurant at the site of the old Two Fools Cafe, opened this week with lines out the door.  The restaurant is owned by Jose Ugalde and Liam Durkee, who own one of our favorites—Cafe Gibraltar in El Granada.  It’s named for their daughter, Shea. This week also saw the closing of Ono Hawaiian Grill on Highway 1.

Cheri Parr
Chez Shea’s owner Jose Ugalde in the kitchen of the new restaurant.
Cheri Parr
Shea Ugalde enjoys a sandwich in the restaurant named after her.
Cheri Parr
Ono Hawaiian Grill was not only closed, but the tables were gone this weekend.


So what did happen with Ono does anyone know? They were open Friday but closed and completely vacated on Monday morning.

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Wed, August 9, 2006 11:47am
Ray Olson
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I loved Hawaiian Ono! Is this another result of the slide being out? I hope they are not gone for good?

It’s interesting (to me anyway) that the logos for Chez Shea and Ono Hawaiian are very similar.

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Thu, August 10, 2006 4:10pm
Tim Payne
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I saw the ONO in San Mateo on I think 3’rd St. In San Mateo. So from what i can tell they didn’t go bust but moved.

My wife & neighbor dined at ONO once, service was lousy & food wasn’t all that great. Used to love to go to the Anchorage always got the Sophies Choice fish stew but last time we went knew something was wrong as wasn’t the usual amount of fish in the stew. Every time i find a place i like they wind up going downhill or belly up. Could be Devils Slide did ONO in. Almost had a stroke when i read that Ketch Joanne was thinking of moving cause of slide.

FYI-The Hawaiian Restaurant in San Mateo on 3rd is a L&L Hawaiian Barbeque.

A closer Hawaiian restaurant is in the Linda Mar Center in Pacifica; It is tucked in next to Starbucks.

WE had an excellent dinner at Chez Shea last night.  I recommend it.  The prices were reasonable, the food was excellent.


We stopped in at Chez Shea for lunch yesterday, and the food was delicious! Wonderful variety; the soup and homemade chips a nice change of pace. Can’t wait to try more items!

Hi Sam Carrieri,

If it is true that every time you find a place you like they end up going downhill or belly up,
please don’t go to Chez Shea or the anticipated Sam’s Chowder House until I have a chance to get spoiled.  Sorry, just could not resist!

Ono was indeed hit or miss and IMO felt they were doing themselves in at times.  I know the neighborhood is likely relieved for all the complaints registered about the grill smoke along that stretch. It did, honestly, make my mouth water. On the otherhand, missing a taste of Hawaii and L&L in Kauai and although it is a large and still growing franchise now, I am so happy to again have access to Linda Mar Shopping Center for the L&L Hawaiian Barbeque’s chicken katsu and kalua pork.


Barbara, Get ready am going to see if my resturant kiss of death is still alive & well as am going to try both the resturants you mentioned. Remember the original Shore Bird & Dans loved them both till they also went downhill & belly up! I BBq’d at home & the BBQ went belly up & had to spring for a new one. The pizza joints i eat at stay alive & well & keep my barrel belly full.

Dear Sam,

Did you do in Frank Torres’ Restaurant and then the Chart House, etc., Steve’s BBQ, Tillie’s and the Village Green too?  Need a heads up on which “pizza joints” are on your hit list so I can start spinning my dough.


Just to back up my claim there there is “ono” in San Mateo.

L&L Hawaiian Barbecue 94 E. 3rd Ave.  347-8885
Ono Grill 144 E. 3rd Ave.  579-5562

So Suzy if you read this looks like we were both right.

Info taken from
For those that are looking to work at a place like ono I found this on google.
They are looking for staff.


Barbara Believe i did frequent those resturants that are now belly up. They will probably start posting my picture at resturant doors “dont let this guy in he is the resturant kiss of death”
Pizza joints i frequent are It’s Italia & over the hill Toto’s [ thier pizza reminds me of the pizza i ate in my wasted youth in New York’s little Italy] Also Windy City.

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Thu, August 24, 2006 12:15am
Carl May
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It’s Italia, for sure, but the remaining Toto’s in San Bruno somehow doesn’t come up to the Toto’s that was closed in Daly City. Does Chez Shea have pizza?

Carl May