Peace breaks out at Pillar Point


Posted by on Sun, October 25, 2009

Len Erickson

On Saturday afternoon a local volunteer put pampas grass to good use.

Is there something missing here, like a picture?

Glad you asked. I was mystified too!

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Mon, October 26, 2009 9:32am
Barry Parr
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Sorry about that. I had the photo, but I was out of commission with the flu. Photo added.

Pampas grass peace sign. Interesting use of an invasive plant.

Pampas grass is a beautiful plant, but a nasty weed here on the Coastside. Here’s more information from the California Invasive Plant Councis:
Note that “Each plume produces up to 100,000 seeds that are widely dispersed by wind and develop without fertilization. “
My hope is that in the future peace will be promoted without threatening our native coastal plants.

This is pampas-grass graffiti within feet of a Marine Reserve boundary.

But when it’s peace, love and Jerry, man… right on, bro. (sarcasm)

An eye sore. What next, we’ll push a motion to follow South City, with a big sign that reads “Half Moon Bay, The Pumpkin City”? No wait, ignore that….

Yeah.  Totally ruins the artifical glory of Vandenberg’s monopulse tracking radar station.  And distracts from that gorgeous riprap seawall.

What next?  Pink plastic wrap for the Montara lighthouse?  Oh snap…

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Wed, October 28, 2009 2:08pm
Barry Parr
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I applaud the sentiment and the execution of this project.

However, not too far north of that location, POST has done a remarkable job of removing a massive amount of pampas grass from its bluff-top property.

It would be unfortunate if this project renewed the infestation.

In fall 2008 the pampas grass on Air Force property was all sprayed under contract with GoNative.  I was told that followup would be done this past summer and some planting of natives this fall.  Folks at the Mavericks Surf contest said they sponsored that.  But judging by the amount of rebloom there this year, the followup work may not have been done.  Seems a shame - they made such a great start.  But it will come back quickly if it is neglected again.