Photo: Downed power line blacks out HMB, causes fire

Posted by on Thu, February 7, 2008

Cheri Parr
Cheri Parr
Firefighter Ken Will, who's leaving for San Mateo FD this month, and Capt. Dan Mahoney observe the fire while waiting for PG&E.
Cheri Parr

A downed power line at about 9:30pm near Seahorse Ranch caused a blackout in in Half Moon Bay and elsewhere on the coast.

The Coastside Fire Department was on the scene when we arrived shortly after 10pm, but had to wait for PG&E, who arrived at about 10:30.

The are more photos after the click.

Cheri Parr
Cheri Parr

I wondered what was going on when I drove past that so late last night.  Thanks for posting Cheri!

That is strange because our power went out just before 11:30 pm and then I heard explosions and looked outside and it appeared to be fireworks. Any info on this?


Our power went out at 9:45, with a loud boom. (We’re in El Granada.) Houses around us were dark, too. 30 seconds later it came back on…sort of—like a brownout. Around 10:30 it went out for good, then came back on at 2:30am. Had no idea there was a fire…yikes.

We’re in the Miramar Beach area.  At ~ 11:30, we heard the explosions & saw the fireworks just north of us (ELG).  Got our back-up phone connected and called the HMB PD.  They had gotten a report of “fireworks and gunshots.”  We suggested that they might be electrical explosions.


Thanks, terrific photo journalism. The photo with the firemen in the foreground, looking at the fire ready to engulf the tree and most importantly the power lines, explained that the power would be out for the next five plus hours here.

I told people Friday that they could get the whole story on Coastsider. Not much of a choice, news you can use on Coastsider.Com or wait 15 hours for a partial verbal history on The Review’s web site.

News you can use, versus a partial history - I guess you could just say: The Review is history!

Ken Johnson