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Posted by on Sat, October 6, 2007

Barry Parr
As you enter Half Moon Bay on Highway 92, you may notice something odd about the new, improved & widened highway. It has telephone poles embedded in it. Half Moon Bay public works director Paul Nagengast tells us that this was the most efficient way to widen the highway until PG&E gets around to pulling its underground utilities. When the lines are undergrounded, the poles will be pulled out of the ground and the holes filled. When the widening is completed, several additional inches of blacktop will be added to the road.

I wonder if PG&E has abandoned the coastside?  MWSD has been waiting on PG&E to upgrade the serve to our new Alta Vista well so we can pump more than 50 gallons per minute.  The delay on our project is not obvious like the Hwy 92 delay, but no less critical.  E-mail a complaint to the CA Public Utilities Commission <> 
or call <1-800-755-1447>  or write:
California Public Utilities Commission
Utilities Safety Branch
505 Van Ness Ave.
San Francisco, CA 94102-3298

The website is:  <>

Please reference this article or the MWSD need for more power in order to pump more water - these projects are both critical.


This is so cool.  Pulling out those poles after the roadbed has already been graded and steamrolled umpteen times virtually guarantees a pothole every place there was a pole.  Excellent cooperation of agencies for this roadway expansion.  Looking forward to its completion so that outbound traffic can congest at the Hilltop grocery rather than the Main St. intersection.  Awesome.

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Fri, October 12, 2007 10:36am
Sam Carrieri
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Mike thanks i thought i was the only one that could see the coming congestion @ Hilltop when the road improvements were first proposed. I can just see everone jocking for position when the 4 lanes become 2 @ Hilltop.Hopefully our coastsiders will be courtous to one another & no blowing horns or middle fingers will make the commute worse then it is. The improvements are better then nothing i believe it will improve the west bound traffic but not the east bound. Just moves the congestion to Hilltop. No right or left turns during commute hours @ North & South Main St. would be a big help but you wont see that as the merchants on North & South main St.would not allow that to happen.I guess if i was a merchant i would complain too but on the coast you can’t keep everyone happy.Theres always the famous “if ya dont like it move it”