Photos: “Private” fireworks show in Princeton Harbor

Posted by on Wed, July 5, 2006

Darin Boville
Darin Boville
Darin Boville

My wife, kids, and I thought—since there are no official coastside fireworks this 4th—to drive about in search of "outlaw" fireworks shows.  Here we have three shots from our trusty Pillar Point outlaws. Last year this group put on a show that rivaled the official fireworks that were being shot off just a few hundred feet away. This time they were all alone.

These photos are "composite photos." That means they are made using the digital equivalent of the common technique of opening the camera shutter and putting the lens cap on and off to achieve what amounts to a multiple exposure.

Great photos! I’m new to HMB (December) so when I heard no fireworks I was sad. I didn’t think there might be an altgernative. Thanks for letting us know - I’ll be out next year!

Great photos - thanks for sharing. I wish we knew of these, we would have stayed up to watch them.

I thought fireworks were illegal in HMB unless you had a permit. If these folks had a permit, wouldn’t we have all found out somehow? What’s the deal? I am just feeling bad that I put my six year old to bed at 8pm and he was bummed that there were not going to be fireworks…especially since we contributed to those fireworks containers.


For those suffering from fireworks withdrawl, you can always try here for a fix:

Not quite the same, but it may help some ;-]

Go down there today and see what those outlaws left behind.  Trash, cans, broken bottles… they had some campfires going and threw their empties in the fire… It’s a mess. If they’re going to use the beaches that way, they can at least clean up after themselves. It’s a shame and disgusting to see the beaches trashed this way, and by locals, yet.

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Right on, Risa…....

I was also surprised to see the cover this as a good thing for the community.

No one complained about lack of permits.

No one complained about disobeying the law.

We’re lucky no one was hurt and I’m thankful for that.

But there were lots of legal fireworks displays around…......and we’re going to have the American Legion do this next year.

Who was responsible?