Prepare for a detour on Devil’s Slide

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Posted by on Tue, May 29, 2007

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Within the next two weeks, the first stage of a two stage detour will be in place on Highway 1 near the south portal of the Devil’s Slide Tunnels. Caltrans hasn’t set a firm date for the detour yet.

The detours will be created near the south portal of the planned tunnel. The Stage 1 detour (shown in blue on the first map) will operate until the Stage 2 detour (green on the second map) is built. This second detour creates space needed for tunnel excavation work. Included in the Stage 2 detour plan is a 340 feet long retaining wall on the west side (shown in purple on second map).

Could they possibly figure out how to spend more money unnecessarily (unnecessary in view of what would have been more reasonable fixes for the landslide)? How about a suicide barrier where the green-phase retaining wall will take the roadbed out over the current edge? (The Golden Gate Bridge authority can recommend a consultant for any agency with money.) Or maybe an eight-foot-high mosaic Caltrans logo in gold nuggets on the wall for all the fishing boats and ships to see?

Carl May

Say Carl can Caltrans do anything right in your eyes? You didnt bash [yet?] CalTrans 580 repair.
To quote Donald Sutherland in Movie Kellys Heros “always with the negative waves” I agree the tunnel is costly but what would you recommend? I voted for the bypass as less costly & safer then a car in front of me on fire tunnel. Even the marine disposal would have been safer then this boondoggle of a tunnel foisted on us by the PC enviros. Glad im retired & dont plan on using the tunnel. Grab a shovel pick or drill in middle of night & have at it you dont like Cal Trans work. Or forget it if you were hurt you would only sue Cal Trans & us hapless taxpayers.

It seems to me the roadwork under preparation now is for Phase II rather than Phase I.  The way I see it, we’ve been on phase I for quite a while now.  They moved the road toward the cliff to do the work for the rock cut and retaining wall.  Now they are preparing a stretch to the east, toward the retaining wall.  So it seems like we are about to transition from Phase I to Phase II.  Do I have it wrong?

They’ve cleared an inland area and will be moving the road into that area for phase I.

While we’re driving inland, they’ll clear the area on the ocean side, and move us out toward the water during the heavy construction phase.

The current target date for phase I is now Wednesday.


A minor correction. Kiewit Pacific will begin the detour on Tuesday night.

If what you say regarding Phase I/II is correct, then the photos posted here are labeled incorrectly.  In the photos Phase I is on the cliff side, and Phase II is inland.