Probable mountain lion sighting


Posted by on Thu, July 30, 2009

Last evening Ed, my spouse, was walking up the trail that starts at the end of Park St. in Montara - he looked towards a noise in the bushes and saw a very long, large, tawny animal fluidly move away in a considered manner - quickly, but not in a startled fashion.  I won’t say it was a mountain lion - but I can say it was too big for a bob cat; to smooth for a deer or a dog.  I will say I will probably get some pepper spray to carry on future hikes up remote trails

I was walking with my family a few weeks ago at dusk, in a light rain, on San Pedro Road, and we saw one. Looked like a small mountain lion, though somewhat difficult to make out in the dim light and rain. Seemed very surprised to see us—sort of froze and then glided away into the brush.

Not especially worried about it.


I came across a young Mountain Lion while running the Montara trails last year. I think I scared him more than he scared me.

Remember: If you do happen across one DO NOT RUN that might trigger the hunt/chase instinct in the animal.

Here is a link to Police advice on the subject:

We do have Mountain Lions in the hills although it’s rare to see one, it is us that have intruded on these majestic animals territory, we just need to be mindful of safety in the event we cross paths.