Letter: HMB’s new intersection: progress, my eye!


Posted by on Sun, August 3, 2008

Half Moon Bay has, in the name of progress, ruined a perfectly functioning traffic pattern and turned it into a parking lot. I refer to the new lane-usage arrows encountered when leaving the Safeway shopping center to exit onto Highway 92 and/or Highway 1.

By making the ‘right-turn only lane’ into a ‘right-turn or straight-ahead lane’ a traffic jam has been created. It is now possible to have to wait through two (or more) cycles of the long signal change in order to turn right.

Surely, Half Moon Bay, in analyzing what they have done, will quickly revert back to the original ‘right-turn only lane’ configuration.

Bob Look

Are you right. I had three people behind me waiting to Right Turn when I was going straight and I could not let them through.  Could you tell us who to call at Caltrans on this one.

caltrans informed me that hmb, not caltrans, is responsible for making the change.
hmb has not given me the courtesy of returning my call in regard to this

I hope the city got a lot of calls about this lane change.  It was a very bad idea.  Cars exiting the shopping center and going left (North) on Hwy 1 do not need to pause for oncoming traffic, so the original configuration of the dual-purpose left lane was better.  I avoided this exit yesterday and found the other exit (at Hwy1/Main Street) was more crowded as well.

This change makes me much less likely to use the Strawflower shopping center in the future.

i went to the mountain…...........i asked the hmb city hall spokeswoman, face to face, about this problem. she informed me that IT WILL BE CHANGED BACK TO THE ORIGINAL CONFIGURATION!!!

while there, i asked about the newly paved section of main street, just north of ocean shore hardware. a left turn arrow has been painted on the middle lane…........the problem is…...there is NO PLACE TO TURN LEFT INTO OTHER THAN A BRICK WALL.

what next?!?!?!?