Rock With Local Bands on Sunday

Press release

Posted by on Tue, July 17, 2007

Californians for Property Rights (CPR) is having their annual Rock with Local Bands Event at La Honda Gardens on Sunday 22 July from Noon til 6 PM.  Located on HWY 84 across from Apple Jacks.  Five dollar admission for adults, kids free.

We will have games for kids, silent auction, Cow Chip Bingo, Raffles for Hotel certificates, craft booths, and information on recent land use issues in the Bay area.  And, of course, Lots of Great Music with Blue, D. B. Walker Band, Lisa Kelly Band, Geoff Allen, Ed Dee, and friends.

Terry Gossett

I just thought I’d mention a cool coastside item that I am donating to the silent auction. It has an interesting history.

This is a baluster from the porch railing of an old house in San Gregorio. It came into our family over 50 years ago when someone salvaged part of a porch railing from this house that had been discarded in the brush along the creek. The property is now owned by POST but has been best known in recent history as The Worm Farm. image for closeup.

This appears to be turned from one block of wood, maybe even redwood. It had been painted to resemble stone, but that has worn away over the years.

Come by La Honda Gardens on July 22 to take a look at it or submit a bid!