SamTrans adds Montara to Coastside route

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Posted by on Thu, July 5, 2007

The new Montara route is shown in blue. Click to download full map and schedule [pdf].

SamTrans added Montara to its Coastside route on Sunday, July 1.  Route 17, which traveled Highway 1 between Half Moon Bay and Moss Beach, was extended into Montara. The expansion includes longer service hours, adding Sunday service, as well as additional morning and afternoon buses during the school year. Service is being funded by a grant which is expected to continue until Fall 2009.

The service expansion was made possible through a Lifeline Transportation Planning grant from the Metropolitan Transportation Commission, and was developed in conjunction with the Peninsula Traffic Congestion Relief Alliance and other members of the Coastside Transportation Committee (Coastside Hope, City of Half Moon Bay, Cabrillo Union School District, County of San Mateo, and City/County Association of Governments of San Mateo County). The project seeks to reduce traffic congestion and create more access to alternatives to driving alone on the Coastside.

Anyone know how this weird route into Montara was determined?

Carl May

I’d like to know too?  Should you ever find out please let me know.
As many of my neighbors and I are being disturbed by these behemoths and reckless drivers they have on this line.

While many have contacted the BOD, Sam Trans is quick to defend the line and their idiot drivers.  They’ve effectively turned Montara into a bus depot where drivers can run amuck without consequences. Even if they kill or injure a pedestrian, they go to arbitration and put the driver back on the job. htttp://

This is bad policy set by bad administrators, and they cover for each other in the way criminals cover up for each other.

Good luck getting a straight answers from anybody at Sam Trans. Be careful too, or they may do what they did to me, and try to assault you on public street; and in front of a witness too. 

Sam Trans says they care, but they only care to line their pockets at the tax payers expense. Oh, they care alright, so long as they don’t have to make any meaningful effort or deal honestly with property owners along their lines. There goes paradise.  I just wish there was a way to keep them off of my block on Farallone and 7th.  They roll through the stop sign there and at 6th and Farallone while making unnecessary and unnerving noise continuously. 

I take it that after 5 years of seeing your post here, there hasn’t been any comment.  That may be because Sam Trans has been effective at their game plan. Continually defiling this community and it’s inhabitants, scaring and frustrating them with the lack of consideration which Mark SImon - Exec. Public Affairs Director and his associate Lt. Victoria O’Brien of the Sam Trans Transit Authority Police are instrumental in promulgating. Their organization has demonstrated little or no empathy or resolution to these concerns, other than to intimidate and whitewash matters over these past several months / years of having the misfortune of having to be affected by them.

Is there anybody who can get a straight and truthful answer from these poor excuse of public servants?  That’s what I’d like to know. They tell me “ patient, changes may be coming…,“but that’s what they’ve been telling other concerned / affected folks on this line for more than two years. What’s a reasonable period of time? How long does it take for change take happen. I guess, now, they must think we’re asses chasing a carrot and will buckle under their marshall law.

Good Luck - I mean that.

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Sat, December 29, 2012 11:35pm
Joel Colletti
All my comments

Follow Up - New Physical Assault Case # 12-9046

On 12/26/12, at approximately 3:17pm, I was physically assaulted and injured by this Sam Trans / AV Transportation operator on Main Street nearest 6th Street and the Montara Post Office. Trans/file-1.jpg Trans/file.jpg

The operator of bus 2901 struck me in the temple with my dslr, and then he pummeled me with several punches to the face.  While he was physically assaulting me, he was telling me that he’s going to kill me.

Earlier that day, the same driver past our home while he was video taping me raking leaves from his bus window (while driving) which is a offense according to the SMCTA’s Sergeant Aquino.

After going to the hospital, I was diagnosed with a concussion and bruises to the neck and back; and I’ll need to convalesce for the next couple of weeks. Needless to say “Not a good Holiday Season for us this far.”

My family and I have reason to believe that this driver and his co workers will continue to be disruptive, and the driver himself has threatened us with more violence.

Any help you can be will be greatly appreciated by me and my family, so I can provide this information to the San Mateo Sheriff’s Department and get these maniacs out of our community.

Thank you,
Joel for Susan

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Sat, December 29, 2012 11:40pm
Joel Colletti
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on 12/26/12 the operator was driving bus #2900.  It is the same driver that is pictured above driving #2901 the next day -  12/27/12 passing by our home again.

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Sun, December 30, 2012 12:14am
Joel Colletti
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Here is the new proposed 2013- 17 (temp) route and time schedule, which isn’t really much different and will go into effect on 1/13/13. I’ll still experience 25 buses a day passing in front of our home; and some of you will too.

For those of you who dislike the 17 & 17L buses on your streets, this is the time to speak out.  Please make your concerns made known.

Needless to say “Not a Fan.” I’m hopeful, Montara will get to celebrate when Sam Trans completely implodes on itself- financially, and at this rate it wont be too long as tax payers, and community members alike dislike having this line in their back yards. Who in their right minds in Washington gives the 17 line 11 million dollars over 10 years when Sam Trans is hemorrhaging money?