Senate and Supervisor candidates will appear at Wednesday’s MCC meeting

Posted by on Sun, May 21, 2006

At the Wednesday, May 24 meeting of the Midcoast Community Council, candidates for Supervisor and State Senate will appear.  This is a great opportunity to see meet of the more powerful state and local politicians who don’t come to the Coastside often, find out more about the candidates, and encourage them to pay attention to Coastside issues.

Candidates for San Mateo County Board of Supervisors District 3 seat will answer questions and debate the issues.  Scheduled attendees are Rich Gordon (incumbent), Jo Chamberlain and John Hickey.  Unopposed candidate for the District 2 seat, Jerry Hill will also participate. This will begin at about 7:45pm and last about an hour.

Candidates for the California State Senate seat District 8 seat will answer questions and debate the issues.  Scheduled attendees are Leland Yee (D) and Oscar Braun (R). Lou Pappan (who appeared at an earlier MCC meeting) and Mike Nevin (who cancelled an earlier appearance) will not be there. This is scheduled to start at 8:45pm and will last about 30 minutes.

At about 9:15, there will be a debate of the pros and cons of Measure S.


Who will be debating the pros an cons of Measure S?


Cindy Epps, Pro Measure S and Ken Johnson against.

Regarding measure S I would like to warn all our senior citizens [65 & over] that there isn’t much time to send in your Proposition S Parcel Tax Exemption Application if it wins. The election is Tues June 6 the application has to be in by Thursday June 15 06 thats only 9 days.Very easy to forget to send in on time. Or maybe it,s designed that way so our senior citizens will forget.Also noticed that it,s for tax year 2006 does this mean we have to send an exemption application in every year? Any info would be appreciated by this 67 year old forgetful senior citizen!


Yes, you have to remember to send your Senior Citizen Exemption on time in each and every year! You also have to provide personal information that could facilitate identity theft—sort of dangerous in a school area with no guarantee of security of your personal provided information.

The CUSD school board was aware of the problem – just disinterested in doing anything to solve the problems!

Another anomaly, if your wife is under 65, and God forbid you die, your widow will loose your senior exemption due to the annual submission requirement! Sort of a cold, leave no widow untaxed!

I am glad to see people actually sitting down and thoroughly reading Measure S – it is not ready for prime time or support.

Ken Johnson

Thanks Ken, I was wondering the same thing about identity theft. I don’t like the idea of having to send in a copy of my drivers license, medicare card or my birth certificate. Why can’t we do anything right! If you think everybody is out to get you, your right, they are.! Call me a paranoid senior citizen.