Stein leads by 74 votes as MCC ballot counting continues; Write-in candidate likely to win

Posted by on Thu, November 10, 2011

Dan Haggerty
Lisa Ketcham
Laura Stein

Midcoast Community Council write-in candidate Laura Stein now leads Leonard Stone by 74 votes, following today’s release of updated totals from County Elections.

Following Tuesday’s election, Stein led Stone by a mere six votes. Today’s totals included additional mail-in and election day ballots. While Stein received 54 additional write-in votes and Stone 51, Stein received 85 additional votes from election-day ballots and Stone received 19. The results are still unofficial.

Candidate Percentage Vote by Mail Early Voting Election Day Grand Total Votes
Dan Haggerty 30.35% 761 5 329 1,0950
Lisa Ketcham 29.57% 747 3 317 1,067
Laura J. Stein 15.38% 356 1 198 555
Leonard W. Stone II 13.33% 353 3 125 481
John Oehlert 11.36% 299 1 110 410

Comment 1
Thu, November 10, 2011 9:49pm
Barry Parr
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Perhaps the new vote totals include the paper ballots, which were much more likely to include the write-in candidate.

Comment 2
Thu, November 10, 2011 10:53pm
Mike Ferreira
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That’s really impressive! I’ve never heard of a write-in candidate winning office on the Coastside. Or anywhere in San Mateo County, for that matter. Maybe we should ask County Elections when, if ever, that’s happened before.

Have to give a lot of credit to the candidate and her volunteers for this achievement. And we seem to have a lot of determined voters who went to a lot of trouble to cast a write-in ballot on those blankety-blank voting machines.

Comment 3
Fri, November 11, 2011 10:10am
GInny McShane
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Congratulations!  I think these individuals each bring tremendous energy, great ideas and a positive interaction of ideas. The MCC is a dynamic platform for Coastside residents to represent the needs of Coastsiders.

Also, thank-you to all the candidates who ran. I admire your contributions to the Democratic process.