Stones, eggs, and slurs hurled at visitors to Friday’s HMB High game

Posted by on Tue, November 6, 2007

Friday’s football game at Half Moon Bay High versus Sequoia High School was marked by a number of ugly incidents that led to police escorting the beleaguered visitors out of the school as a group, reports the Daily Journal.

Sequoia High School left Half Moon Bay victorious Friday night, beating the Cougars 20-17. But the victory wasn’t so sweet with accusations of Cougar players using racial and homophobic slurs at Sequoia players; four naked youth storming the field; and eggs thrown at Cherokee cheerleaders and fans. Police had to escort Sequoia parents, players and fans from the game.

Sequoia parents and officials were not amused and there is some discussion of asking that the remaining game to be cancelled and for the two schools not to play each other again.
Near the end of game, after police officers walked away from the visitors side, eggs were thrown from outside the stadium at Sequoia cheerleaders and fans in the final minutes of the game, said one Sequoia parent who preferred not to be named. Parents and cheerleaders were hit with eggs.
Sequoia Teacher Ron Gordon attended his son’s water polo game earlier this year to hear vulgar words and homophobic phrases used by Half Moon Bay students and players. The coach dealt with the situation, [Half Moon Bay High athletic director Matt] Ballard said.

A Sequoia coach claims in the story that rocks were thrown on the Sequoia team’s bus once the team was aboard.

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Tue, November 6, 2007 5:11pm
Barry Parr
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I’m disturbed by the attitude of apparently adult HMB High School fans on the Review’s website:;=

Many of the comments excuse the behavior, saying it’s the result of mistreatment by other teams. And some bad calls by a water polo ref.

One person describing himself as an HMB alumnus says, “I never knew what a “cracker” was until I played against Jefferson High School as a freshman and I had to be told that it was a racial slur against white people. Of course, nothing was done about it, but heaven forbid I would have retaliated by calling him the infamous “n” word.”  Heaven forbid, indeed.

Judgment must be withheld until the facts have been determined. But I can’t believe it’s not clear to some HMB High adult fans that some behavior cannot be excused. And I’m not talking about streaking. Until HMB High’s adult fans change their attitude, the kids will not change their behavior.

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Wed, November 7, 2007 12:00am
Frank Long
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Well, the scary part, Barry, ..... is that these people are also allowed to vote. It’s like giving the car keys to a six year old.

The San Mateo Daily Journal (I think it was) also mentioned reports of rocks being thrown at the buses. What is this? Are we living in Appalachia? Fear not, though, I’m sure someone will figure a way to put a positive spin on the situation so as to perpetuate the ongoing Mayberry illusion. We wouldn’t want to scare away the tourists or turn away prospective home buyers.

When I played soccer in school back east, we played against one team that had many very experienced foreign players. I was damned good at what I did, but when I repeatedly snaked the ball away from their Forwards, the only thing they knew how to do was spit, curse, and trip someone when the ref wasn’t looking. In Saudi Arabia, you could get away with that; in a New England prep school, you got your butt nailed to the wall.

Many years later, when I coached soccer, the kids were wonderful. It was the parents who were the a**holes. They were always bringing their own baggage onto the field and expecting the kids to make up for their parents’ inadequacies.

Sports are supposed to be a way to safely vent human aggression within a controlled set of agreed upon parameters. When that point is lost, why bother inviting the other team over? We might as well just pick up our spears and swords, march over the hill, and lay them out on their home turf.

Wikipedia had a really nice picture at the top under “Sport”:
It showed a bunch of kids playing soccer and using that as a means to learn how to socialize with one another. It’s worth a peek ....... at the picture, anyway.


When our own CUSD School Board is not held accountable for their behaviour, of ignoring the educational needs of our students, based solely upon those students Demographic Characteristics; are you surprised about “accusations of Cougar players using racial and homophobic slurs at Sequoia players”?

Look at the CUSD web site for a press release! CUSD Board President Charlie Gardner found his way to Coastsider as recently as 05Nov07 at 2112, yet he doesn’t believe that this is important enough to comment on or issue a press release? The event occurred FIVE days ago!

You wrote: “One person describing himself as an HMB alumnus says, “I never knew what a “cracker” was until I played against Jefferson High School as a freshman and I had to be told that it was a racial slur against white people.”

Apparently that writer still doesn’t get it: “cracker” is usually a reference to a particular ‘type’ of white person, often preceded by “poor dumb”! Example: “that poor dumb cracker didn’t know what he really said.”

Racism is not new at the High School—reporting on it, is!

Ken Johnson

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Wed, November 7, 2007 9:59pm
Hal Bogner
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There is a simple and effective response to this kind of “fan” behavior, that will put an end to it promptly, and teach what values our educational sports programs should teach - especially good sportsmanship:

HMB High should consider suspending all athletic competitions and forfeit all games for a period of, say, one week.  Or, similarly, forfeiting the very next game in each different sport at each level across the board, even if that means one game at the start of an upcoming season for a sport that is not yet in progress.

All sports.  All players.  This is a lesson for the entire student body, and everyone who backs the school and the education of our young leaders of tomorrow.

Hal M. Bogner
Half Moon Bay

“If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?”

That is the role of the press, to make that sound heard!

Events Timeline:

Friday, 2Nov07       - ‘Event’ Occurred
?        - Daily Journal story: “Racial slurs spark fury”

Tuesday, 6Nov07
10:55 - HMB Review - Clay Lambert’s Blog:                    “High school must deal with miscreants now”
16:30 - Coastsider - Front Page
        - ” Stones, eggs, and slurs hurled at visitors to Friday’s HMB High game”

Wednesday, 6Nov07
1629 - HMB Review - “Half Moon Bay High will apologize for trouble at           game” [They Have NOT Done Anything Yet!]
1700 - HMB Review - Clay Lambert’s Blog “Cougars should be commended for         quick response” [They Have NOT Done Anything Yet!]

Just when I thought that Clay Lambert had found his journalistic spine, he showed that his cord had been yanked yet again.

Just how is a statement from CUSD that they may do something is a “quick response” - FIVE days after the event.  Actually having done something might be nice!

Still nothing on CUSD web site!

Let me be clear:
A verbal apology was late by noon last Saturday from: the coach, athletic director, High School Principal, District and School Board President to their counterparts at the other school.
A written apology was late by last Monday noon.
A school wide assembly on the incident was late by the close of school last Monday with announcement of any identified students were suspended and the cancellation of the season.
The cancellation is also for the protection of our students who will probably encounter a hostile environment at an away game.

Well, there is a CUSD Board Meeting Thursday Night, Agenda for November 8th 7:00 p.m. public session: 498 Kelly Ave, Half Moon Bay, CA
where you can ask the School Board WHAT has been done or WHY NOT.

Then watch a re-enactment of the role of the Governor performing “The Sidestep” from “The Best Little Whorehouse In Texas”. You can sing along.

Maybe the High School could perform the play next spring.

Ken Johnson

P.S. If you go to the School Board Meeting, you might ask just how the ‘New’ “Plan for Student Achievement for Cunha Intermediate School ” and the ‘New’ “Plan for Student Achievement for Hatch Elementary School” is different from the last five unsuccessful ones! “We are going to make the objectives THIS year” is not really a plan.

Isn’t it time for “Plan B”?

The article posted on this website is based on hearsay.  All the comments afterwards, besides being another excuse to attack the school district by some, are also based on hearsay.

Have any of you actually talked to anyone, I mean ANYONE, who was at the game?

I am not excusing the egg throwing, something that actually occurred.  I have talked to my son about the incident and am having a hard time getting him to understand it was not OK to throw eggs. He did not throw the eggs, but unlike any of YOU he was actually at the game.

First, the Sequoia team had a police escort after the game.  Rocks where not thrown at the bus. 

I was told the football players did not call the other team names.  Now I never believe everything my teenager tells me, however, he did say that the football team had nothing to do with what was occurring.  And there may have been name calling from the other team or fans anyway (oh my, but lets pretend it’s all the HMB kids, right!)

There was a chant of F### Sequoia and Officer L did arrest at least one student for that.  I believe he was let go, however, the police were there AND they were involved!

And all this talk about the Water Polo game from the fall!  Why don’t you actually find out what happened from someone who was actually there instead of more hearsay? 

It is wrong to use racial slurs.  But having subbed at both high schools I have heared what the kids call each other as friends, and it isn’t what we would call acceptable all the time.

There were things that occurred at the game which were wrong, but I believe that the incidents have been blown out of proportion and people have exaggerated, if not simply lied.  This incident has made the local news and painted Half Moon Bay in a very bad light.  And, instead of delving deeper and finding out what really happened, people make nasty comments attacking the school and the district.

Haven’t you ever heard the phrase, “Don’t believe everything you hear,” or, “Question everything?”

Comment 7
Fri, November 9, 2007 7:14pm
Barry Parr
All my comments

As I said, “Judgment must be withheld until the facts have been determined.” Something happened last Friday night. I’m waiting to find out the results of the district’s investigation. I have seen no reports that team members were involved.

Apparently the district has apologized. They were supposed to have concluded their investigation today. I called the district office today at 4:30pm to get the details, but have not heard back from them.

My comments above were directed at the discussion on the Review’s website:;=

Last time I looked, no one over at TalkAbout is denying what was reported. They’re just excusing it. I don’t accept “But they did it first” as an excuse from my kids and I doubt you do from yours.

I’m looking forward to the results of the investigation. However, the behavior and attitudes of HMB fans is on display for all to see in the discussion I’ve linked to. 

Finally, I’d hate to think we’ve reached the point where we need the police to keep our children from acting like jackasses. But we are going to have have to set an example if they are going to understand the basics of sportsmanship.