Strange garbage at annual beach clean-up

By on Sat, October 27, 2007

Dana Kimsey, Deborah Lardie, Leonard Woren

The Coastside has a huge swell of people every year during the pumpkin season and festival - and the beaches and highways pay for it, with trash littering the coast.
At the second annual Post Pumpkin Festival Beach Clean-up last Saturday, more than 40 volunteers spent the early hours cleaning up Montara State Beach.  The event was sponsored by the League for Coastside Protection.  The crowd of volunteers included two candidates for the Midcoast Community Council, Leonard Woren and Deborah Lardie.
The usual detritus of cigarette butts and Styrofoam was picked up, along with a few unusual,

  • a surfboard, broken in pieces,
  • three shoes,none of them matching
  • a set of car keys, worn by the sea into something resembling metal sea glass
  • a taped-up, used (of course) diaper
  • a live, large antlered deer, which was hunkered down in one remote part of the beach.

 The male deer was the only stray thing not put in recycling or garbage bags.  The state park rangers picked up the trash bags during their usual routine.  The League thanks everyone who suited up, showed up and gave back to the community.