Thank you! Email SamTrans to protect coastside routes


Posted by on Fri, August 7, 2009

Thanks to the nearly 200 coastsiders that attended the SamTrans hearing last night in Half Moon Bay. From Pescadero to Pacifica, coastsiders spoke eloquently about the need to protect our SamTrans routes. It’s not too late to weigh in with your opinion, click through to the SamTrans feedback form:

Again thanks,
Kerry Lobel

I was unable to attend the meeting - was Rich Gordon or his aide present to give us support?


Great photo effect to illustrate the caption of the number of people at meeting. I can’t detect a ‘splice’ nor wide angle distortion. Panorama or severe cropping?


Gotta love photoshop.  There is a photo merge function that takes multiple photos, sizes, and lines them up fairly closely. At that juncture you have to do some hand work at the pixel level to make sure you don’t have any splice problems.  I did have to do a little re-construction work on Mr. Esse’s, as during the merge he “lost” part of his head, but otherwise it came out pretty well.  The trick with crowd scenes is to take rapid-fire sequential shots so that you have very little crowd movement.  Of course - you always get at least one!

Hi Laura -  I was at the meeting from before it started until the last people were leaving.  I didn’t see Rich or any of his aids in attendance, nor were they announced when they introduced people in the room.  That being said, there could have been someone there that I just missed in the crowd.  I have to say, as someone who goes to a lot of coastside community functions and meetings, (yes, yes - I do live the glamourous life!) I think Rich does a good job of maintaining a presence on the coast.  He also hold regular meetings at the Sheriff’s station in Moss Beach so that locals can get face time and discuss issues with him directly.

Just wrote a note to Samtrans. I hope they do not cut these essential routes (CX, DX, and 17). Locals—please write.