Letter: Thanks to the pilots who flew over today….......


Posted by on Thu, September 18, 2008

All of us want to thank all the pilots who flew continuously low over us today; displaying very clearly their numbers to be documented.

So they continue to give us the evidence we need for their continuing illegal flying.

They just might want to talk to the manager of the San Carlos Airport to update themselves.  Would be a shame if they weren’t being educated about the ongoing process to protect our locals.

Remember the saying: "what goes around; comes around"?  Still true.

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Fri, September 19, 2008 7:46am
JB Cockrell
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Also a thanks to all the large trucks and other vehicles who keep driving north and south on highway 1. The noise bothers me and my family.

Can anything be done to stop this nuisance? When we moved here (1976) there was only an occasional car and truck, and it was almost always during the day. Now it’s deafening 24/7.

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Fri, September 19, 2008 1:33pm
Bob Poole
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Well, let’s see JB, you could try talking all the businesses and residents who have moved here since 1975 into relocating over the hill. Of course, you are one of them. I’ve been around the coastside since 1960, and I would hardly say that there was ever just an occasional car or truck during the day.

Just wait until the tunnel opens!

Gosh, you move in next to an airport and you don’t like the sound of airplanes?  I run outside to see which one is flying over. I enjoy the sound.
Try living in Palo Alto.  Big jets on approach to SFO and OAK.  Talk about great noise.

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Sat, September 20, 2008 7:54am
Jose Tamez
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Back in the day (1950’s-60’s) we would drive down to the HMB Airport for the NHRA drag races and two thirds of the local residents could be seen on their rooftops or on the coastal bluffs, binochulars in hand, enjoying the sights, sounds and smells of thes great events. The wife and I moved here from Pacifica in 1996, raised two toddlers with never a complaint of the road or airport noises. It is way quieter here in Moss Beach than it ever was in Pacifica. Our tiny airport is one of the most vital things we have in the event of some sort of disaster. Planes would bring us much needed emergancy supplies, not to mention the medical transport we might be in need of. Count your blessings sir! J.Tamez

And we got 3 phone calls yesterday at Cunha Intermediate School about all the noise our kids were making at lunch.  These are usually calls from people who live at Amesport Landing.  I continue to be puzzled why people move next to things like airports and schools and then complain about the noise they make.  I love quiet, but if you want it, then move to an area where there are no other people.  People, schools, airports, highways make noise.  It’s a pretty established fact.

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Sun, September 21, 2008 8:07pm
Kevin Barron
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If they truly are flying too low and violating the myriad of rules and regs…. a video camera from a fair view proves better than collecting numbers and filing a complaint.

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Mon, September 22, 2008 5:47am
Kevin Stokes
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I must admit on a sunny day the droning low flying aircraft noise (I counted 10 in as many minutes a few weeks ago) is REALLY irritating, we live in the middle of Montara, no where near the HMB airport. I thought the rule was a minimum of 500 ft over residential areas.

Being next to the airport does not necessarily mean one is in the flight path and one can be nowhere near the airport and still be in the flight path and subject to the continuous drone of touch and go flights.  This is noise pollution and the residents should not be subject to it for the profit of the flight schools. Coastside residents deserve the same noise standards that the San Carlos residents have for their airport.  We do not have them at this time as the County has not updated the ordinance as they are required to do.

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Mon, September 22, 2008 7:18am
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500 to 1000, depending on one’s definition of “congested”. However, a) 500’ isn’t very high, and b) there’s an exception: “except where necessary for takeoff and landing”.

I posted a link in this thread a while back to maps of the designated traffic patterns and such.

We don’t have the salt marshes, on the coast, for the aircraft to fly over as they do in San Carlos.
The airport has been here forever and so has the noise.  Love it or leave it.  Be glad you weren’t here during WWll.  Be glad the airport was. Be glad you aren’t on the approach path to SFO/OAK when the big ones come in.
Better yet, take some flying lessons.

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Mon, September 22, 2008 5:55pm
Kevin Barron
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Well done Steve.

There’s barely any flight school lessons run out of HMB, comparatively speaking. Sorry folks didn’t read the fine print being near a municipal airport. I did, and am fine with it. Maybe someone can find some federal assistance a la being snooker’d by some mortgage broker.

Curious when the complaints at the traffic congestion at the Jetty/Surfer’s Beach start getting posted? Blame it on the waves.

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Mon, September 22, 2008 7:46pm
Carl May
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“There’s barely any flight school lessons run out of HMB, comparatively speaking.”

Though it keeps a low profile and is almost noiseless, the Elephant Flight Training Center remains active. They ask me to pass on their continuing thanks for the past support by the community that allows them to continue operations..

Speaking of community, there is not much going on in the way of local political races; but the EFTC is, nonetheless, ready and able to again make aerial “deposits” this election season as part of its ongoing fundraising efforts. Go to http://www.dumbobombs.org for more information.*

*Please note the already stressed and degraded Pillar Point Salt Marsh is permanently excluded from this offer.

“We don’t have the salt marshes, on the coast, for the aircraft to fly over as they do in San Carlos.”

We have a lot of open space the planes could fly over - they do not need to fly over the residents of Montara and Moss Beach when turning to the east upon take off…

They do depending on the wind conditions and traffic patterns.  Each airport has a specific traffic pattern to prevent congestion and mid air collisions. It depends on which way the wind is blowing. In HMB it doesn’t much matter which way they turn after takeoff ‘cause they’ll be over houses in Moss Beach or Princeton/Mirimontes either way.
Today was great.  Smoke on and great areobatics.  doesn’t get much better than this.
don’t like it. MOVE.

And one more thing while I’m on my soap box.  People moved to the coast, in recent times, and complained about the FOGHORN noise.  Now it has baffles on it and I can’t let it lull me to sleep at night.  How I miss that sound.  You move to the coast and can’t stand a foghorn. Give me a break!