Thinking of running for office?  The filing deadline is Aug 12

Posted by on Mon, July 18, 2005

This year’s election on the Coastside will be huge and hotly contested. A total of 19 offices on seven boards are up for election on the Coastside on November 8. The majority of the seats on five of seven boards will be up for a vote this year.

Beginning today, candidates can file their paperwork with the county to declare their intention to run for office.  The deadline for candidacy papers is August 12. The deadline for a board will be extended to August 17 of an incumbent does not file by the first deadline.

If you’re interested in running, the county is holding seminar for potential candidates covering filing regulations, campaign finance reporting and other issues. Two seminars have already been held. The final seminar will be 6 to 7:30pm, Thursday, July 28, at county election headquarters, 40 Tower Road, in San Mateo.

There is also a great deal of information, including a 45-page guide for potential candidates [PDF], available on the county’s elections website.














Half Moon Bay Fire Protection District

Board of Directors

2 of 5

Timothy Moran

Francis J. Navin

Point Montara Fire Protection District 

Board of Directors

2 of 3

Bruce McKimmie

Ginny McShane

Granada Sanitary District

Board of Directors

3 of 5

Ric Lohman

Leonard Woren

Gael Erickson

Montara Water and Sanitary District

Board of Directors

3 of 5

Jim Harvey

Paul Perkovic

Bob Ptacek

Coastside County Water District

Board of Directors

2 of 5

Everett "Ev" Ascher

Chris Mickelsen

Midcoast Community Council


4 of 7

Gael Erickson

Paul Perkovic

Kathryn Slater-Carter

Karen Wilson

Half Moon Bay Council


3 of 5

Mike Ferreira

Jim Grady

Toni Taylor

Is there information out there on who has already filed?  What’s the shape of the race, or is it too soon to tell?

I think it’s too early to say at this stage.

We’re not going to have a really clear picture until the deadline, because we won’t know what incumbents will run again until then.

The couty will start issuing candidate lists as the deadline approaches, and I’ll report these as they are released.