Traffic is flowing well Monday morning

Posted by on Mon, April 17, 2006

We’re getting reports from commuters that the traffic into Half Moon Bay is flowing well today.

Remember:  Cunha starts 30 minutes late during the Slide’s closure, at 9am. Seacrest’s schedule is unchanged. Cunha is running a school bus that starts in Montara.

Perhaps someone could report what the Cunha bus ridership is, as the week progresses.

As I stood in the Half Moon Bay Post office this morning, waiting to mail my taxes, all the buzz was around the fact that, clearly, the majority of the traffic problem is attributable to the fact that we have no school bussing.  I can’t imagine there is any other reasonable explanation.  Is the school committed to these buses for the entire length of time that the slide is out, or at least until summer break?

We still really need buses for the high school.  Most of the cars are single student cars driving up the hill and parents with only one child in the car. 

This morning it took me 45 minutes to come down the hill from the high school and get onto Highway 1.  There could be shuttle buses to pick up kids dropped off at the foot of the high school hill.

An alternative explanation is that not everyone is back from the spring break. We’ll see whether that’s the case over the next few days.

I suspect that we will not see the return of the significant traffic in the morning hours until next week, when schools on both sides of the mountain are in session. It will be an interesting comparison; I have seen that the afternoon commute westward remains as bad or slightly worse than before the slide.

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Mon, April 17, 2006 11:19pm
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Traffic was heavy on westbound 92 Monday night around 8pm. Not too surprising, as evening traffic will be independent of busing. I’m guessing that more commuters than usual are coming home late to avoid earlier jams.

First, I appreciate this article on the site - I appreciate the chance to have something of a guage on traffic from people other than me.  For background, I commute over the hill from Moss Beach.  I used to leave at 6:45, and it used to take me about 50 minutes to get to work.  Now, when I leave at 5:45, I it’s already clear to me that my neighbors are also hitting the road in much larger numbers.  I’d like to try leaving a little later, but the problem is that the cost in time for any delay I might make is much more than the time I get to delay.  Perhaps I ‘m just paranoid because i was one of the luck ones who got caught 2 weeks ago with the added traffic AND an accident at the top of 92 and 35 - it took me 2 hours and 45 minutes to get to work - being a high school teacher, I can’t afford to be late at all (fortunately I’d already set a film to be shown that day - Ghandi - a very long film).  I’ll appreciate the assessment of others - thanks in advance.

Tuesday at 7:45PM traffic was stop-and-go at 92 & the light at the reservoir.

I took a stroll at Sawyer Camp trail, saw rabbits, bats, and heard a bird I couldn’t quite place. 

At 8:15, 92 was clear to the summit, but then a crawl to the bottom.  Took another 20 minutes to get to HMB.

Clear sailing from HMB to Montara.

Only four years ago bussing was raised as a key priority by one slate in the CUSD board election.

The voters decided it was not an important issue.  The slate that made bussing a priority lost.  The three candidates who won said they would look into it. 

In deed they have.  It is my understanding that only 4 busses remain.

The idea of bussing was brought up recently:  Should a bus program be part of the proposed parcel tax?  The decison was not to have bussing in the upcoming parcel tax

If we want to vote on having school busses we will have to wait for another parcel tax proposal.  Traffic congestion does not appear to be something the current CUSD board is concerned about.

Any guess as to how many additional cars are on the road because we do not have a comprehensive K-8 school bus program? 

Any guess as to how many kids go to school ‘over-the-hill’?  We many have a clue next week when many private schools are back in session.


Is there any detailed information available on any efforts by the Midcoast Community Council to work with CUSD to address the bussing issue?  No need to link to it, just let me know if it is buried in agendas or letters to the County and I’ll look again.  Hopefully there have been efforts of some sort.

“Traffic congestion does not appear to be something the current CUSD board is concerned about.”

This is nothing more than inflammatory rhetoric - I guess I am not surprised to see it here.  Perhaps a little surprised that an elected official would feel the need to resort to it.

When was the decision made not to put bussing on the Parcel tax?  I’ll assume that was before the slide went out? How can CUSD not be concerned when it is obvious that the lack of bussing is what is causing the majority of the congestion in the morning?  Can we get transportation added back into the parcel tax they are proposing, and if not, when can we get one proposed?  Importantly, when is the next election for CUSD board members?

I’d be willing to make a direct contribution if I knew it was to a fund that would go directly to busses - even if only until the end of the school year.  My time/sleep is worth the cost.

Can anyone give me a good reason why emergency traffic flow measures are not being applied between 4-7pm on westbound 92? Today, at 4:30pm, westbound traffic was backed up onto the left lane on southbound 280 (an extremely hazardous situation), all because of one stupid little traffic light at 92 and Main Street. If anything, the evening commute into HMB has become steadily worse over the past two weeks. Traffic should be allowed to flow unimpeded from 92 onto north or southbound 1 (which is where the vast majority of the traffic is headed) during rush hour. Given the ridiculously early time that coastsiders now have to leave their homes in the morning to get to work, we should at least be allowed to get home at a reasonable time

I have an opinion about how next weeks commute will be.  In response to mmckinnel on the reverse 4-7pm commute - he made is a good point.  They should let traffic flow better across Main Street.  Don’t let this week trick you though.  The four to seven commute will get worse next week.  Passover ended yesterday at sundown and second week of Easter break is over especially for the college kids this Sunday.  Traffic should be allowed to flow unimpeded from 92 onto north or southbound 1.  The only problem is that wont fix it entirely.  The chain reaction from everybody breaking and seeing each others brake lights going down the steep grade from the top of 35 slows traffic back over the hill to 280 and main st and 92 doesn’t help that at all.  There is no easy solution for that one other than having two lanes going downhill which would be difficult.  There are just too many cars on a windy hilly road at one time.  Plus any disabled car or accident will cause an even bigger backup.  Cant wait till summer when the braver of the tourists will join the party.  Maybe ill be stopping off at la Honda for coffee on the way over kings mountain in to wookside to get to san Francisco.

The morning wont get much worse next week thank god.  Moving the school times when next week comes around will show that that idea worked pretty well (and the district will have to buy more little yellow busses in a year as a result).  Hay why don’t we do what hiway 17 did to fix the Santa Cruz back up.  During commute times they have a nonstop bus leave all over Santa Cruz for San Jose every five minutes during commute hours.  101 days when it is fixed isn’t too far away
Kevin McWilliams -  Montara by the sea

A very simple solution exists for the 4-7 PM end-of-the-workday backup, which would allow traffic to flow down Hwy 92 into Hwy 1:

1. Force all westbound Hwy 92 traffic to turn right onto N. Main Street, and make N. Main Street 1-way toward Hwy 1.

2. Force all traffic coming up Hwy 1 from the south to turn right at Hwy 92; to continue north on Hwy 1,  they would then make a left onto the one-way N. Main Street, merging in with the many cars coming back from over the hill.

3. Close off the northbound lanes of Hwy 1 between Hwy 92 and N. Main (or use them for sounthbound traffic that wants to turn left onto Hwy 92).

4. Close off the westbound lanes of Hwy 92 between Hwy 1 and Main St - or better yet, use them for eastbound traffic.

5. Make all traffic coming out of Strawflower turn right; to go east or north, cars should exit near the McDonalds and merge left to turn at Hwy 92, and so on.

6. Set the traffic lights to support continuous flow of traffic in the new pattern, with breaks as needed for pedestrians, perhaps.

These counter-clockwise traffic patterns are used to handle vast amounts of traffic in other parts of the country, such as New Jersey, where I became familiar with them.

I’d be glad to explain further if anyone wants to explore putting this idea into practice.

Hal Bogner
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