Video: “Birdemic” grips HMB

Posted by on Fri, February 25, 2011

What if "The Birds" had been filmed in Half Moon Bay, instead of Bodega Bay? And what if it had been directed by Ed Wood instead of Alfred Hitchcock? And what if he'd had hundreds of dollars worth of CGI effects at his disposal? He would call that film "Birdemic". You'll be tempted to stop this trailer after the first ten seconds, but HMB plays a major role a little more than one minute into the clip. Apparently this has been viral for a while, but I just saw it via Salon.

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Fri, February 25, 2011 5:00pm
Joe Devlin
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Absolutely the best thing ever. Made many lists as the worst movie of all times.

Birds attacking people in HMB

My favorite scene takes place in front of the bus at Camerons. Twenty people are trapped in the bus by a mixed flock of killer red tailed hawks and seagulls.  They fly like synchronous swimmers - down flap, up flap, down flap, up flap in beautifully choreographed motion, all hovering ten foot in front of the bus. Our heroes (the model and billionaire) arrive and blaze away with a variety of guns.  How do they manage to blow all the birds away without breaking a single window in the bus ten foot behind them?  Amazed, the rescued people come running out of the bus to thank our brave heroes. Before they can cross the twenty feet to give them a hug another flock of birds swoops down and poops caustic acid all over every rescued man woman and child. They die within seconds writhing in agony. 

I wanted to make this a feature at one of the Coastside Film Society screenings. The choice got voted down by ever other member of the Board.

Please petition the Film society to bring it to Half Moon Bay by emailing me at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).