Video: HMB City Council announces Beachwood settlement

Posted by on Thu, April 3, 2008

If you do nothing else, watch the lawyer’s announcement and imagine yourself in the audience.

We’ve broken out the city council’s discussion as well as the oral communications so you can watch individual presentations. We will post the rest of the city council meeting when it is ready.

Barry, I’d like to thank you for the quick turnaround on this video. Excellent job. I seem to have a problem with the City Council discussion part, though. I get Naomi’s comments. Then it goes to Marina. It cuts her off quickly, then goes to John as he’s finishing up; then Bonnie to conclude. I missed all of Marina and Jim.
Is there something I’m doing wrong, or, if not, can you reload to correct? I’d like to see each member’s comments if I can. Also, am I the only one?
Thanks Barry

George, thanks for letting me know. I’ll take another look at the video.  It might be a couple of days before it gets updated.

It turns out that the video was interrupted when there was a problem with the power supply to the camera. It’s my understanding that MCTV’s camera had the same problem.